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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group Minereum Token (ETH)
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  1. 2020-04-21 21:06:13

    ‼️‼️‼️‼️ IMPORTANT INFORMATION, NEW MINEREUM SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x426ca1ea2406c07d75db9585f22781c096e3d0e0 ‼️‼️‼️‼️ ‼️‼️‼️‼️ INTRODUCING NEW FEATURE: STAKING ‼️‼️‼️‼️ 👉 Minereum V2 Platform: 👉 NEW Minereum Address: 0x426ca1ea2406c07d75db9585f22781c096e3d0e0 Symbol: MNE Decimals: 8 👉 Tutorial about the Minereum V2 Platform: 👉 Tutorial Video: 👉 If you have a Genesis Address with 32,000 MNE you have 4 options: 1. Set Your Address For Sale: 2. Upgrade to Level 2 (mining starts): 3. Upgrade to Level 3 (mining starts & transfers allowed): 4. Do nothing (your coins won't be mined, nothing will happen) 👉 To learn more about Stake Holders and what they are: 👉 Exchanges: MNE/BTC: MNE/ETH: MNE/USDT: For more information how to deposit: Minereum DEX 👉 🎲 Minereum Lucky Draw 🎲 is now live! 👉 🎲 Lucky Draw 🎲 Telegram Group ‼️‼️‼️‼️ 👉 In short, for Minereum V2 there was a new Genesis Address airdrop between December 2019 and March 2020, during the airdrop 1,197,634 addresses were collected. Every participant received a Genesis Address Level 1 with 32,000 MNE - These Level 1 Addresses can be sold by its owners without any fees on the Minereum V2 platform (of course ethereum network fees apply for contract interactions). Optionally the owners can upgrade their Level 1 Addresses to Level 2 or Level 3. The fees collected from the upgrades are distributed to the Stake Holders. For more information about Genesis Addresses read here: 👉 To view your balances and manage your addresses, access the Minereum V2 Platform with a web3 browser. Example: Metamask or Trust Wallet. For mobile Trust Wallet or Coin Base Wallet is recommended. 👉 READ OUR LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT HERE: 👉 NOTE: Metamask for Mobile is still under development and it's not reliable. The only reliable version is Metamask for PC. For Mobile we recommend Trust Wallet. If you have any issues while using the Minereum V2 Platform on Metamask mobile please contact Metamask reporting the problems so they can fix. 👉 Official Russian 🇷🇺 Channel: 👉 Minereum War Room Channel: - Want to help minereum grow? join here to discuss with the community improvements to minereum such as marketing and other topics 👉 NOTE: We don't recommend buying any private keys from anyone, this is not safe as the seller can always keep the private keys and steal the coins from you later. Anyone posting here about selling private keys will be deleted. If you want to buy Genesis Addresses do it in the Minereum V2 platform 👉 Careful about other groups and users impersonating our team. When our official team members/admins write a message in the group, it will display "admin" or "owner" in the message top right corner. The official Minereum Telegram is only this one WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO SEND ANY ETH TO ANY ADDRESS AND WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PRIVATEKEYS, BE CAREFUL. 👉 For information if you wish to destroy your Genesis Address Level 1 (your coins will be gone from your wallet):

  2. 2020-03-22 17:57:56

    The distribution phase is ON GOING! It will take some days until it is completed. If you summitted your address(es) during the airdrop phase they are being processed you will get them once the distribution phase is over. About 1,197,000 Genesis Addresses were collected during the V2 airdrop between December 2019 and March 2020. Also 133 Stake Holders and 1389 V1 balances are to be imported into V2. Here are the lists with all the addresses: (use CTRL+H to search for your address) Current Status: - About 950K Genesis Addresses IMPORTED out of 1,197,000 - 0 Stake Holders imported so far (starts after import of Genesis Addresses) - 0 V1 Balances imported so far (starts after import of Stake Holders) - Submit public Transfers to all Genesis Addresses (Starts after V1 balances are imported) - This is what will make the balance to be visible on The import of the data depends on the performance of the ethereum network. In a worst case scenario it can take until end of April to import everything. In a best case scenario everything will be imported by the Second week of April. See here for a up to date documentation of the future Minereum V2 platform: Estimated Genesis Address Upgrade Fees: 0.10 ETH for Level 1 to Level 2 0.20 ETH for Level 2 to Level 3 0.30 ETH for Level 1 to Level 3 NOTE: The Airdrop is OVER! Stake Holder Program CLOSED and SNAPSHOT DONE! See our latest announcements here for more details: AND

  3. 2020-02-04 16:18:59

    MINEREUM V2 LAUNCH SOON, PLEASE READ: Welcome to Minereum - The First Self Mining Smart Contract The new V2 airdrop is live and you can participate here When the Airdrop ends each address you submit will receive 32,000 MNE (Genesis Address Level 1) You can sell your Level 1 Genesis Addresses without paying any fees (Check point 5 below) Make Sure to Check the Stake Holder Program (Check point 1 below) 1. WIN BIG! Check our Stake Holder Program: 2. The Minereum V2 Airdrop is currently live, join here: 3. More details on the airdrop: 4. Latest update on the Minereum V2 platform Development: 5. Latest update on the activation fees: 6. Coinmarketcap: 7. Website: 8. The distribution date is expected by mid February. 9. Stay tuned for more updates!

  4. 2020-01-21 20:03:39

    WIN BIG! Check our Stake Holder Program: The Minereum V2 Airdrop is currently live, join here: More details on the airdrop: Latest update on the Minereum V2 platform: Latest update on the activation fees: The distribution date is still TBD, stay tuned for more updates!

  5. 2020-01-14 11:30:23


  6. 2019-12-12 23:54:55

    Special Bonus for Current MNE Holders! Read more:

  7. 2018-05-28 13:00:17

    Minereum Game Prototype Now Released: