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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group Embermine OFFICIALIZED HI JAMES
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  1. 2019-02-14 18:14:34

    Should Embermine create an new token contract to be used by AKYU holders to convert their tokens to provide an option for purchasing an alternative, existing mobile projection device? /1. Yes /2. No /results - show results /endpoll - close poll Use this link to vote anonymously:

  2. 2018-06-21 05:37:42

    Hey all! As most of you know, we are working to get the AKYU drops organized and I had hoped to start them today. We have, however, an issue. When looking through the various transfers and allocations regarding AURA, and the tremendous cost putting through for this drop. Proper steps to ensure compliance for these assets is critical. Due to our two “snapshots” for this drop and the resulting error and change in the distribution ratios for the token, there is some advantage to be gained by spreading out for the second snapshots and earning thousands, even hundreds of thousands of extra AURA. As you can tell, from my original math, that my intention was to deliver approximately 300k AURA across the ownership of all Embermine tokens and NIO. Of course when the failure to launch Slipstream created delays, and then thievery happens. Then people start getting curious as to where all this “money” is going. I have nothing to hide, and as a matter of fact, I am exposing our records to scrutiny, because that is the glorious power behind distributed ledgers. Transparency. I can provide my own data set of information to add certainty and confirmation which illuminates the truth. And the truth is, there are a number of individuals who, with provable intent and working in coordinated groups or with dummy accounts, worked to take unethical advantage of the drops and the delays to the tune of almost 504,000 AURA. It is also suspected that those accounts are also connected to those involving a recent scam involving a couple of different accounts that through deception, stole 80 ETH. So, with this information I have two choices: 1) An address will NOT receive an automatic drop if there is statistical evidence to indicate that it participated in or was a recipient of a questionable transaction intended to create disparity. I have noted these accounts, which represent only ~2% of the total number of accounts, but generate nearly 80% of the disparity between snapshots. Now, there are many reasons for this potential disparity, including private sale. The issue here is not identity, but ownership of the tokens to be dropped. As originally planned, 300,000k AURA were to be distributed as planned with the first snapshot. After the second snapshot and comparing the numbers plus my bad calculation that added the amount of AKYU to be served, it will cost me in excess of $400,000 in AURA to fulfill this over my original plan of 300k with would only cost a total of 42k. Because of choice #2: I eliminate the original snapshot from the equation and only base the AURA drop from the second snapshot and the original volume of 300,000 AURA being distributed in total. This would put us in the exact state that I had intended from the beginning, but used the most recent data. There will be those who will choose to call this unfair. Many of those people will be ones who worked hard to create ghost accounts to take advantage of my mistakes. It is important to note that most people will lose a significant amount of AURA promised, but I also assure everyone that no one is “losing” anything, as it was not intended to deliver 3 million AURA, or double pay some sneaky people. Once everyone can accept that fact, the rest becomes easy. So to prevent a massive operation that will require some retroactive centralization and identification of accounts, we instead go “back” to our original intent, and use the latest information available. Nobody “loses” anything, because it is simply the return to what was originally promised, for free. The largest impact is upon those with the largest totals, from which greatest disparity between the two drops was generated. But, if need be, I will audit our results and provide additional information, but it is all a matter of public information. If anyone has any questions regarding the change around the AURA tokens, please let me know by DM. And before you “scam birds” start screaming, the first question I will ask each of you is “what is your address”? If you have a legit complaint, I will listen