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Last updated Tuesday September 25, 2018

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Durov's Channel

This is where I post thoughts about Telegram in a slightly less formal and more direct way than in the official Telegram blog (~70% of which is also written mostly by yours truly). Subscribe only if you're a hardcore Telegram fan. 246667 community channels

Trading Crypto Coach®

Trading crypto coach 214477 community channels

Crypto Coins (Ƀ)

Crypto Coins News and Analyse.
Flash news and listing information, 100% accurate signals.


vip / premium:
129662 community channels

Wall Street Trader School

Secretary, Promo and Private Channel @ElizabethNY Support RUS @Vladburno
Support ENG @Bravo990
108694 community channels

The ICO Showcase

ICO Listing and Rating. With us it's impossible to miss the next great #ICO updates 🚀
For advertisement:
Visit us: 🚦
96026 community channels

#mcflytoken #flyingcars

Official Community Telegram chat

Be nice and welcome to our community!

73346 community channels

Hashgard Official English 45243 community channels

Bitcoin Bravado®

# 1 crypto community verified by @Crypto

Team of crypto investors sharing insights, entries & analysis.

💰Short trades & long holds
📚Trading Education
🗞Breaking News

👇Join the Movement
41750 community channels

Smart Investor

ICO, investments and analytical information in crypto-sphere - all that you need!

Advertising and cooperation: @cryptomaker_premium
32540 community channels

Crypto Groups

Welcome to @Crypto &

The heart of the crypto community & the most active platform!

Follow us:

Use @ListMeBot to list your items!

For more information please visit: @CryptoFAQs
30703 community channels

HOST.GAMES (Official)

Host.Games is a global online gaming platform that deploys HOP (Host Out Protocol) which empowers its users to host casino games with a click of a button anywhere in the world. The platform leverages blockchain to ensure absolute transparency between the operators (Host) and players and simplifies all monitory transactions through smart contracts. 28543 community channels

WhaleClub (Bitcoin ONLY) Traders

Top 5 cap crypto ONLY, we trade the pulse of whatever is moving
Degen leverage :
500x leverage : WC TG link:
Listed in: @Crypto
28492 community channels

Whalepool #longterminvestors

Interact with traders worldwide on a variety of platforms:
- Teamspeak:
- Web:
- YouTube:
- Twitter:
24919 community channels

The Coin Farm

Cryptocurrency TA *Traders* & BTCVIX ref links — not Bitcoin maximalists, fundamentalists, or serial bagholders.

Join @Crypto chat if youre looking for specific groups.
22019 community channels

Paid signal for trading

incoming trading signal join fast
limited time
under expert's 100% genuine signal depends upon study and technical analysis
monthly charge only 0.005 btc monthly
100 limited seat
17833 community channels


Welcome to ABE official chat! The mission of the ABE community is to build a decentralized app store with a new system of app distribution. Find more links and contacts in the pinned message. English Only! 16711 community channels






🔥广告与合作 - @ICOTOP_Cooperation🤙
16322 community channels

CryptoTalk Group

ICO/Crypto discussion group.

Contact: @sam_toi
15694 community channels

Public Market Community

Official Telegram group for Public Market ( We believe in FAIR COMMERCE. No commissions, no data manipulation and no trade-offs. 14812 community channels


Public Chat:
Admin: @EXCAVO
14743 community channels

Newton Community

Newton: Infrastructure for the community economy. Everyone should benefit directly from economic growth.
14059 community channels

CryptovationX (CXA)

The Best Friend for Crypto Investors

11746 community channels

Signal Express™

✔️Previous investment recommendations

BTC 710% (BitMEX)
TRX 254% (BitMEX)
ADA 284% (BitMEX)
ETH 82% (BitMEX)

VIP inquiries: @cryptomasterC
10919 community channels

McSignals Community Chat

German & Swiss Professional Crypto advisers 9525 community channels

Edward Morra

Ad-free, shill-free, promo-free channel. Only my content

Made a 1000%+ ROI 4 months in a row
DM for questions or inquiries, I might help when I have free time:
7825 community channels

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