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Last updated Wednesday July 18, 2018

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Welcome to the Bytemine. Find details at 99665 airdrops community channels exchanges cryptocurrency ico news blockchain bitcoin ethereum mine price cryptocurrency news cryptocurrency community

ælf (ELF) A Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network Read Pinned Message for any initial questions Few links are accepted (better not share) you will be banned Don't post your invitation code here, you will be banned. 99585 official ico

Mainframe Community (1/2)

A friendly place for all our Mainframe fans and friends. 99323 ico


The Decentralized AI Autonomous System

Our Channel @CortexLabs
Our 🇨🇳Group
Our 🇷🇺Group

Our Website:
WhitePaper: Plz Read on the website above
97924 official ico


High Paying & Vetted Airdrops & Bounty Campaigns 96585 airdrops cryptocurrency ico


We're here to help and answer your questions about AVOID SCAMS: We'll never ask for ETH here. 96513 official ico

👉🏻 Current//CRNC 📲

Official Current//CRNC group. 87162 ico

CREDITS blockchain platform

CREDITS is a blockchain platform (protocol) with its own internal cryptocurrency CREDITS (CS) and smart contracts. Web: Twitter 82550 official ico

StockChain Official Group#Athena

StockChain is the world’s 1st
decentralized cryptocurrency quotation and exchange platform .
About StockChain SCC:
81770 official ico


78890 official ico

Nucleus Vision (Official)

Nucleus.Vision Token Generation Event 75938 official ico


Read PINNED Message upon entering! 68614 official ico


EKT通用积分是一个适合大规模商用的区块链开发平台,致力于建设一个编程化的世界。EKT首创“多链多共识,一链一主币”的多链架构,基于EKT主链延伸出来的多链都可以有自己的主币和共识算法,并且可以完成跨公链资产交换。基于此,开发者可以很容易地开发出一个完整的DApp。 68334 official ico


Bethereum is an innovative betting platform built on blockchain technology. Fully decentralized and designed to tackle the key challenges of conventional betting, it delivers a host of innovative social and gamification features. Starting with sport betting, our vision is to develop a broad B2C and B2B ecosystem and establish the Bether token as a global betting standard. 66939 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges official cryptocurrency other indicator ico news blockchain bitcoin ethereum bots mine price cryptocurrency news cryptocurrency community

Friendz Official Community

Friendz Official ICO group 65857 official ico

Crypviser Official Group

Crypviser – the innovative & secured network
64644 official ico

Ripple XRP News: @RippleAlerts 中文群: @Ripple_CN Help out: @Contribute More information: @CryptoFAQs Listed in: @Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies 64250 official ico

AgentMile (Official) - Decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by AI.

AgentMile (Official)

AgentMile (Announcements)

AgentMile (Translations)
64009 community channels official cryptocurrency other ico news blockchain bitcoin ethereum cryptocurrency news cryptocurrency community


First of all, we'd like to thank the community for all your support! 5miles has already launched the initial CMT enabled features, with more to come! 63932 official ico


Decentralized Care Homes Powered by Blockchain 63842 ico


The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications @EOSProject General EOS discussion and support. Questions encouraged. Be respectful. NO spam, NO price/trading discussion. Violators will be banned. English Only Please! 63549 official ico


EventChain Smart Ticketing platform 62581 official ico

[CN] HMS Global

[CN] HMS Global 62280 official ico

Ormeus Coin (ORME) official worldwide chat 62239 airdrops community channels currency channels official cryptocurrency ico blockchain ethereum mine cryptocurrency community

CNN Blockchain Group 2

CNN Blockchain Group 2 61346 official ico

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