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Last updated Saturday August 17, 2019

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SIRIN LABS price discussion - $SRN Premium Investor Group (Private Group - No direct SirinLabs support, no Financial advice, do your own research every time, buying cryptocurrency is very risky!! it’s possible that you loose your complete investment) 5

DIX Asset - Investors

DIX Asset - Investors 5 ico official channels

ALQO [XLQ] Official - OLD

Please join the new ALQO chat group @alqoofficial 5 ico official channels

Altcoin Signals Binance & BitMEX 🚀🤑₿

Help us reach our first 1,000. we will get away 1ETH!!
✅FREE (Limited Time)
✅High Profit Signals
✅INVITE MORE Members for rewards :D
4 community channels currency channels news education signals / indicator official channels

Crypto Speculations

A chatchannel for Cryptocurrentie speculations, only for educational purposes. 4 education

Crypto Promo

Post your referral link, here ! 4 community channels


CryptoComes covers the crypto industry and community, Blockchain, fintech and AI. We run price forecasts, analyses, opinion columns, expert’s blogs, interviews and features. We are open to exchanging opinions with you. Stay tuned!
4 news

Sankar das

All internet rips 4 airdrops ethereum

The Token Fund

The Token Fund provides an opportunity for investors looking for the simplest way to invest into the decentralised economy 4 ico ethereum official channels


Bitcoinee is a telegram channel for cryptocurrencies,ICO Update and free Airdrops related News in this platform. 4 airdrops community channels news

Quantum Project

Quantum is one of the first real deflationary currencies in the world. 4 ico official channels

Crypto World

Crypto talk world 4 currency channels

Royal Trading Group

We provide high probability signals, market analysis and Strategy account management.
4 other education signals / indicator


Posting faucets. 3 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other tools


Trading forex , Great Signals 3 signals / indicator

Binance Pump Group



Kindly message @Katakuri08 for assistance
3 official channels


This is the public group for MG OTC Preferred Room (private). Invite good people in here and you may just earn a place in the inner circle!

Announcement -

admins @kingcrypto @ramzikingg
3 community channels other ico official channels


We provide only technical best charts here for alts coins as well as btc.We believe in charts and TA.We Try to Provide Best Possible Signals. 3 signals / indicator

Nakamoto News: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Resources

Cryptocurrency & blockchain resources. You can add your link! 3 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels


Signal provider 3 signals / indicator

Pakcoin Group

Pakcoin telegram group
mobile credit topups for Pakistani users:
Merchants map:
Tellers map:
3 ico official channels

We are group of traders that have subscription to 90+ premium channels,that cost us 3000$ per month. We trade by ourselfs too and we analize market and signals and give you only best. 3 signals / indicator

Crypto Data News

Selected Data-driven Crypto News. Get reliable and selected articles and analysis, skipping the crypto news overload. Meant for people with passion and investments in crypto but limited time.

We do not give financial advice.
3 other news education

Crypto Global News

Crypto Global News - Latest Crypto News, Updates, TA, Charts, Advices, Tips, Resources, Deeper Insights, ICO's and the whole Crypto space.

For Advertisement
Contact: @CGN_Admin

Crypto Analyst

Cryptocurrency price action, buy and sell 2 community channels currency channels exchanges news ethereum signals / indicator official channels

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