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Last updated Wednesday January 22, 2020

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 151000 education ad sponsored

Mr signals Research & analyse TALKS

MR Signals is the place to be, we call trading signals from experts with back up like sound Technical and fundumental analysis. Together we can do it, We believe in team work to gather maximum trading success. HAPPY TRADING GUYS 53 community channels

Новостной Канал SciDex

Новостной Канал SciDex 53


EBCH 52 ico official channels


This group has been deleted 51 ico

Crypto Hub🔐💵📈

Bitcoin and Crypto in general is constantly growing but finding capital to get it off the ground is a major problem

I have set up a group specifically for the collective investing of small funds

When we come together, Everyone wins.
51 exchanges news mining official channels

Airdrop Queen

100% legit Airdrops captured for you by Airdrop Queen 50 airdrops


La comunidad oficial hispano hablante de COBINHOOD Exchange 50 airdrops community channels exchanges news official channels


Youhodler - Blockchain-based Financial Ecosystem focused on cryptocurrency-backed lending with fiat loans.

YouHodler lending platform provides USD and/or EUR loans, secured by collateral in BTC, ETH, XRP,BCH, BCV and other popular cryptocurrencies
50 ico ethereum official channels

Free Tips Brain

We provide free tips almost everyday ! 49 other


$TAJ is an open source proof of work / proof of stake hybrid blockchain. Genesis block 10.7.2016 at 8:34 CET 48 ico official channels


PROUD Money is the first cryptocurrency built for the LGBT community by the LGBT community.
48 official channels


Discussions around decentralizing Custody and clearing technologies 48 community channels exchanges news tools mining official channels

SignalsCoin's Community

Best and verified signals on cryptocurrencies trading given by admin and SignalsCoin team's members. Airdrop and bounties are executed regularly. 48 airdrops currency channels news education official channels

Bitcoin Daily Price

Here you can see daily price of bitcoin 47 community channels currency channels exchanges news tools signals / indicator

BYCAD - BTC gratis, Airdrops, Faucet y mas.

Canal dedicado a las "Micro-Ganancias" dedicado 100% a las personas que quieren ganar criptos sin invertir su dinero. 47 airdrops


Contact to @bullhf on telegram for questions 46 exchanges official channels

Crypto Trivia

Rewards and Education - Crypto related! 46 news education games

Trading Taurus | Free signals

Binance Telegram Signals Channel | Experts in Technical Analysis | High accuracy signals based on TA&FA

Our public chat room: @TaurusChat
For premium : @TaurusAdmin
46 signals / indicator

Boomerang Capital Free

Web Site: Premium Membership: @Paul6256 46 community channels news ethereum education tools signals / indicator

💸آموزش کریپتو کورنسی✔

Learning About Cryptocurrency
How To Trade
How To Invest
How Crypto Work
What is Mining
What is Blockchain

For This all Knowledge Join Group
45 community channels

Cybergame Community

Facebook :
45 airdrops


Chat about MOJOv3 45 ico official channels

Crypto News / New listings / events |

Get new coin ANN from bitcointalk ANN / News / New listings / events immediately , your daily Airdrop and bounty dose ! 44 airdrops


Host.Games is a global online gaming platform that deploys HOP (Host Out Protocol) which empowers its users to host casino games with a click of a button anywhere in the world. The platform leverages blockchain to ensure absolute transparency between the operators (Host) and players and simplifies all monitory transactions through smart contracts. 44 community channels

Astro ICO

Astro ICO 43 ico official channels

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