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We are the best directory of all Telegram cryptocurrency groups of 2020. This list includes blockchain, ICO, airdrops, bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency, token sales, exchange, wallet, mining, dapps, smart contracts, price analysis. Channels in trading groups, crypto and Altcoins. Updated daily with the number of channel users.

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Last updated Monday January 18, 2021

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Group Name Description Members Tags Link

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 181288 education sponsored

Karbo EN

English group for Karbo blockchain. Official site 350 ico official channels

UFO (Uniform Fiscal Object)

UFO (Uniform Fiscal Object) 349 ico official channels

Diem 🌐

Diem - A New Global Payment System
Community Chat

News Channel: @DiemNews

#libra #diemdollar #novi #facebook #diemnetworks #paymentsystem
348 community channels

BitDice Casino

BitDice Casino 347 ico official channels

ITF News & Updates

346 ico official channels

GameWorx (GWX)

Welcome to the GameWorx Game Central official Telegram group! Feel free to join the conversation. Send your private queries to @GWXSupport for efficient processing.

Beware of scammers! The GameWorx team never initiates private messages with anyone.
346 airdrops community channels currency channels ico games official channels

Cryptobitt Signals

👨🏻‍💻 Cryptobitt Signals - No 1 Crypto Professional Signals & News Provider with more than 8 Years of Experience in Crypto Trading.

We try to Provide you 90-100% Accuracy Signals from our Experts Team

VIP/Premium Service @DXU988
344 signals / indicator

BUZZ Unofficial

344 ico official channels

Crypto Group ®

Buy & Sell BTC & Altcoins Free BTC 344 currency channels


343 ico

EagleX/BENZ Official (English)

Official Discussing price, panicking because of price, & spreading fud, will be resulted as permanent banned 🔨 342 ico official channels

Starbase Community

Starbase community for telegram users 341 ico official channels

Edgeless Project Channel

Edgeless Project related channel 341 ico official channels


A decentralized #blockchain marketing platform w/support for advertising, analytics, & surveys. 🔗 Built on #Ethereum and #NEM 🔗 TG: 340 currency channels

Old smschain group

New private group is @smschain2 340 currency channels

BitEye Official Community

BitEye—A Decentralized Autonomous Exchange.
Featuring Transparent, Safe ,Fast and Anonoymous.透明、安全、高速、匿名。
339 community channels


Senderon Telegram community has moved. Join the new group at and engage in the conversation. Thank you. 339 ico ethereum official channels

TOKC - TokyoCoin group

#TokyoCoin talks
Main channel @tokyocoin
Bounty @tokyocoinbounty
339 ico official channels

Stocks, Options & Bitcoin 339 community channels currency channels exchanges ico news bots education signals / indicator official channels

crypto snippets

Very occasional vids and articles about the latest goings on in the cryptosphere 338 community channels

ReeCore Official

ReeCore (REEX) powered by the community
Ann: @ReeCore_Announcement
SP: @ReeCore_Spanish
RUS: @ReeCore_Russia
Japan: @ReeCore_Japan
AFR: @ReeCore_Africa
BR: @ReeCore_Brazil
338 currency channels official channels⚡️

A friend group for Crypto investors. We discuss opportunities, technology, educational and scams. 337 community channels

XPChain_Greece@XPC@ - Greece 335 community channels

Bounty Bench

Bountys, Airdrops, New ICO, Free Crypto Signals 333 airdrops


Stellarize is a non-profit platform that connects investors to each other to improve the blockchain industry. it will have a team responsible for conducting surveys and writing articles on various events related to the blockchain environment. 332 ico

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