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Last updated Tuesday January 15, 2019

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John Galt & Phönix Gruppe 2 community channels

Crypto Data News

Selected Data-driven Crypto News. Get reliable and selected articles and analysis, skipping the crypto news overload. Meant for people with passion and investments in crypto but limited time, that wants to avoid to be flooded by Crypto news and FUD. 2 other news education

Open Crypto

open crypto group for all 2 community channels


Posting faucets. 1 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other tools

BitMEX Pirates

Premium signal results and sometimes signals from Premium with time delay. To join Premium group contact @fortune_tom or @greenbull_vip 1 exchanges

Autopilot Bitcoin Cash

Passive Bircoin Income!!! 1 airdrops other news bots education games mining

Cointelegraph Japan

Cointelegraph Japan (コインテレグラフ ジャパン)は仮想通貨のニュースサイトです。ビットコインを含む仮想通貨の速報や価格分析等をお届けし ... 1 news tools


Криптовалюта Universe. Криптовалюта для развития игровой индустрии. 1 ico official channels

Crypto Speculations

A chatchannel for Cryptocurrentie speculations, only for educational purposes. 1 education

Nakamoto News: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Resources

Cryptocurrency & blockchain resources. You can add your link! 1 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

CryptoWhalePremium Signals

BITMEX / BINANCE Signals! Everyone makes money here! 😍
CryptoWhalePremiumSignals has a PRO version with 15 - 20 signals/day = 0,02 btc/month, trail is possible 15m duration.
Support us and create your account here
1 signals / indicator

Hyip Sites

We Update Latest with Fresh Hyip Sites That's are Gradually very Paid 1 community channels

Trading Groups Research

We are helping people to find the Best Trading Groups on Stocks and Crypto 1 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Bitcoin Mining AndPool

This place is the real btc winners club, the winnings are instantly sent to your wallet. Start now, win. 0 mining

RecycleSuperbot 0 ethereum bots

Crypto Bridge

Discussion for Cryptobridge decentralised exchange and Bridgecoin

For any technical assistance or to contact the devs, please join the discord chat at
0 ico official channels


Bitcoinee is a telegram channel for cryptocurrencies,ICO Update and free Airdrops related News in this platform. 0 airdrops community channels news

Sentinel sale

This is the one and only official group of the Sentinel Security Group ($SENT on HitBTC) 0 ico official channels


SIRIN LABS price discussion - $SRN Premium Investor Group (Private Group - No direct SirinLabs support, no Financial advice, do your own research every time, buying cryptocurrency is very risky!! it’s possible that you loose your complete investment) 0

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