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Last updated Sunday June 16, 2019

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The Abyss

The Abyss is a digital distribution game platform and a one space place for the best online multiplayer games with built-in solutions for all MMO/MMORPG fans.

16437 ico

ICO HeadStart - English

ICO HeadStart is the first fundraising platform where backers and project creators pay 0% fee without any additional costs. 16286 currency channels

APEX Network

The Official Community Channel for APEX Network (CPX)
16112 ico official channels

Top9Ico Where to Invest❓

🚨Hello, how you know, always is question, were to invest best?
News from Top Experts, join us.


🌎 Paid Promotion:

Gifto Official

Gifto aims to become the world’s most widely-used application token. We make crypto fun and easy for mainstream app users and content creators through the Gifto Wallet and our integration with Uplive, a livestreaming platform with 100m global users. 16031 ico official channels

ICO & Crypto News

@hpehoc3 - admin
16010 official channels

ODYSSEY (OCN) Official Community

ODYSSEY(OCN)Official Community.
Future of Decentralized Sharing Economy.
Foundation of P2P Ecosystem. This group is EXCLUSIVE for all ODYSSEY initial members,early supporters,advisors and contributors
15953 ico official channels

Whales Crypto Expert™

Get Ready To Get Monthly 10 - 20 X Profit from Bitmex, BINANCE & Bittrex 💰💰💰 15913 other ico news signals / indicator


The Official WeBuy Telegram Group 15882

COTI - Currency of the Internet

COTI is the world's first DAG-based blockchain protocol optimized for use by payment dApps, merchants and stable coin issuers.

15690 ico

NAi Tech

For The First Time In The World. Block Chain Based Artificial Intelligence and Wisdom of Crowd for The World Financial Markets. 15684 ico

Iconiq Chat

Iconic Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch accelerator program. We source, fund, develop and accelerate the best crypto, blockchain and tokenizable startups to their own ICO or Token Sale. 15615 currency channels


This is an official news channel of
Join the discussion on

MOZO Token

Disrupt Foot Traffic in Shopping Malls across Asia
15368 ico ethereum official channels

Gladius Network Chat

The official Telegram group of Gladius, a decentralized content delivery and DDoS mitigation platform.

Our vision: To build the future of web security.

15350 ico official channels

Digital World Exchange (DWE)

Digital World Exchange (DWE) is the cryptocurrency exchange that makes trading digital currency fast and safe worldwide.

Official website:
Official announcement group: @dwexchange
15320 exchanges

Bee Token

Vacation Rentals on Blockchain -- Try out the platform today at 15207 ico ethereum official channels

EkoLink 【EKO】 Official (Eng)

EchoLink 【EKO】 Official (Eng) 15167 ico official channels


Welcome to Bitrue Exchange! Official admins' usernames: @BitrueadminVincen @BitrueHailey @IrisChu (Be alert with Bio Trap!) 14822 currency channels

PHI Token - official (EN)

Welcome to PHI Token

• Website
• Main group 👑
• PHI Italy 🇮🇹
14817 ico ethereum official channels

Origin Protocol

Welcome to Origin Protocol! We are building the sharing economy without intermediaries. Join for updates as we build. NOTE: We'll never ask for ETH here. Any official news will always be on 14681 ico

MITx MorpheusLabs Infrastructure Token

Welcome to MorpheusLabs (MITx).

Official website:
Announcement channel: @morpheuslabs_announcements
14623 ico ethereum official channels

eBitcoin (eBTC) Official Channel

The Only Official Community Channel of eBTC LLC.

This Channel is monitored by eBTC LLC and is provided for eBTC holders and potential stakeholders as a means of interactively discussing community projects.

More information soon on
14606 ico official channels

Crypto Alerts

This channel is for major Crypto Alerts ONLY.

To list an item please use @listmebot
14540 news


Kcash-CN 14478 ico official channels

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