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Last updated Saturday August 17, 2019

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TeamBounty is an advance Bounty platform that pays Hunters in BTC, ETH, TBY & In The Project Token 151 official channels

cøinscan 📡

✌🏻@coinscan ad's only for fun. The latest news from cryptospas. 🌐
150 airdrops

JIYO Official Community

JIYO Official Community 150 ico official channels

The Movement DAO (MVT)

Fully decentralized organization 147 community channels

Fred & Friends

Your guide to the the latest in cryptocurrency, blockchain, distributed ledger and beyond. Crypto Finder comes from the editorial team and analysts behind global comparison website, 147 community channels

Trading Reports ➡️

No Spam. No Ads. Knowledge is Power! 146 signals / indicator

Bitmex challenge


🏃‍♂️Starting: 0.1 BTC
🏃‍♂️Target: 100BTC
🏃‍♂️Duration: 1 year
🏃‍♂️Plan: ~2-4% per day

✍️Rose Premium Family give you Signal, Tip, Trick, TA, FA …
✍️Contact: @Rosycutee to join in ...
142 signals / indicator

Archetype / POORSCUM

Welcome to the Meme Economy! A global decentralized network empowering anyone to create and trade memes, crypto art, ideas, and information.

141 currency channels

AstreoBot | English

The oficial AstreoBot telegram chat. 139 exchanges


.. 139 airdrops

Sheepo's palace

This channel is defunct. 139 ico official channels

Hypd (official)

This is the official Hypd Telegram channel for all news related to the HYPD Token. 137 ico official channels

Crypto Europe | Cryptocurrency Community & News 🌟

Cryptocurrency Community & News

Current Top ICO :
134 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Inpay Community

Inpay is a versatile and user-friendly cryptocurrency with dual blockchain support (Ethereum Classic and Waves) which provides stability and flexibility. 134 ico official channels


Новый чат 133 ico official channels


Secure Sharable Healthcare Data 133 community channels

INSANE now on discord

Discord -
BitcoinTalk -
Website -
CoinMarketCap -
INSN Github
133 ico official channels

🐼 Pandacoin 🇫🇷 Groupe francophone

Groupe dédié à Digital Pandacoin PND et à son écosystème.
Actualité, trading, staking, développement…
132 community channels currency channels news mining


Decentralized Care Homes Powered by Blockchain 132 ico

Kamikaze Bitmex Calls

Kamikaze Bitmex Signals 130 signals / indicator

AirDrop Crypto

Канал Airdrop криптовалюты с описаниями и стратегиями заработка с реальными примерами 130 airdrops

ICOZaar - Best ICO's & Token List | ICO Reviews & Rating
130 ico

Crypto Puzzles

Welcome to @Crypto > @CryptoGames > @CryptoPuzzles

For Chat about the puzzles please join us in @Trollbox

Want to add your group to this list? send your group link to @ListMe

If you're feeling generous & would like to donate, go to @DonateToUs.
130 official channels

BlockPulse360 Crypto News

The most important information in the blockchain and cryptocurrency valley. Everything summed up in a few paragraphs. Only one post per day. The best quality to the best people.
129 news

Trading Taurus | Free signals

Binance Telegram Signals Channel | Experts in Technical Analysis | High accuracy signals based on TA&FA

Our public chat room: @TaurusChat
For premium : @TaurusAdmin
128 signals / indicator

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