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Last updated Friday April 19, 2019

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The CHT Community

Welcome to the CryptoHackers Telegram Community. The only place to talk to founders of your favourite crypto startups, apps, services & tools.

Founder: @alexanderisora
148 community channels

AstreoBot | English

The oficial AstreoBot telegram chat. 148 exchanges

Solidum Capital

Solidum Capital official Telegram group 146 community channels other news education official channels


CHAINCOIN | WELCOME TO THE FUTURE 146 ico official channels

Crypto Puzzles

Welcome to @Crypto > @CryptoGames > @CryptoPuzzles

For Chat about the puzzles please join us in @Trollbox

Want to add your group to this list? send your group link to @ListMe

If you're feeling generous & would like to donate, go to @DonateToUs.
146 official channels


Voltaire is an Electronic Cash Exchange with BCH pairs. This is our Telegram community. 143 community channels exchanges official channels

SignalsCoin's Community

Best and verified signals on cryptocurrencies trading given by admin and SignalsCoin team's members. Airdrop and bounties are executed regularly. 143 airdrops currency channels news education official channels

Fight Against Scam

Join the best program and enjoys the instant withdrawals 141 community channels

XenonNetwork Blockchain 141 ico official channels


TeamBounty is an advance Bounty platform that pays Hunters in BTC, ETH, TBY & In The Project Token 140 official channels


Cryptocurreny Analysis and Signals
Contact us: @bitcoinvention
140 currency channels

Decentral Magazine

Decentral magazine is an online media, that treats daily news about cryptocurrency and ICO analysis. The DC team is composed of professional and enthusiastic crypto holders from around the globe. Our mission is to provide you with exclusive content in various languages. 139 community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Life is Beautiful

گروهی برای همدلی و تبادل تجربیات در زمینه اضطراب اجتماعی

فقط مبتلایان🙏
مهربان باشیم🌸 𓨘
هم رو قضاوت نکنیم💞
هم رو ناراحت نکنیم🙊
از تجربیاتمون بگیم✌️
و PV 🚷


139 other

Ties Network

Ties.DB is the first decentralized database that addresses the problem of organising data, and can meet the standards of speed for modern databases. For conversation: @tiesdb 139 ico official channels 138 ico official channels

APEX Trading Group 🚀💰 📈

We Rise Together at APEX Trading.

We strive to contribute accurate Signals and Trading Strategies.
We are partnered with several other groups and Cross promote other channels and signals to bring you the best quality

:: APEX :: Rise With Us :: 🚀
138 community channels exchanges news education signals / indicator

Crypto Snake Signal®

Free crypto signal channel on telegram. We provide our best technical analysis based signals for trading. With our signal you can make 100% profit. #Binance #Bittrex 137 community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum education games signals / indicator official channels


EtherMium - Decentralized Exchange 135 exchanges


We track Google Trends Data for 400+ #altcoins in real-time using cluster optimized search terms to help you predict pumps or major news before anyone else! More machine learning optimization for other metrics coming soon! 135 community channels

Gravium [chat]

Welcome to the Gravium Chat room!

Gravium (GRV) is a community driven crypto currency ensuring decentralisation by giving power to the voice of individuals.
134 ico official channels

Krypto Junction

KryptoJunction is a platform which will keep you updated with cryptonews globally despite of your busy schedule. We share news on crypto world which include Airdrops, ICO's , Coins & Roadmaps and BlockChain Events. 133 news



💥Start Making Money with Us Today💥

💫Losing Money ? Dont Worry ! Follow Our Signal Today💫
132 exchanges signals / indicator official channels


🔥 Daily updates 🔥🔥No scam airdrop🔥here we provide free geniune Airdrops through which you can earn free money everyday 😋😍 @airdropsj 132 airdrops

Pixie News

Pixie Token News 131 currency channels


John Galt & Phönix Gruppe 131 community channels

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