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We are the best directory of all Telegram cryptocurrency groups of 2018. This list includes blockchain, ICO, airdrops, bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency, token sales, exchange, wallet, mining, dapps, smart contracts, price analysis. Channels in trading groups, crypto and Altcoins. Updated daily with the number of channel users.

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Last updated Wednesday November 21, 2018

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Crypto Analyse Calls

Welcome new guys! If you have friends or people that you know who are in crypto and need help, please send the invite link to them and make this telegram bigger! 31 community channels


GMT is Decentralized Virtual Currency Based on the Block Chain Technology 30 ico official channels


The PBChips Free Channel is dedicated to provide you with the best possible trade calls (Signals Are Not Financial Advice) 30 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Spa8de ICO

The official telegram group of spa8de ico 27 community channels

All news about 27 community channels


Artificial Intelligence for Crypto Currency Trading 27 bots

Cryptokart Official

Cryptokart is a global cryptocurrency exchange. We plan to build innovative features like a Build Your Own Trading-bot platform. 26

Notificoins - bitcoin & altcoins Alerts

Professional analysis on #Bitcoin, #Ether and other #cryptocurrencies directly to your mobile or desktop. 26 community channels


CryptoMarkets covers Fintech, Blockchain and Bitcoin bringing you the latest news and analyses on the future of money. For advertising enquiries please contacts @mos02rofix 24 signals / indicator

fitrova support group

fitrova support group 24 ico official channels

LitcoinX (LTX)

LitcoinX is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain. A blockchain, originally block chain, is a continuously growing list o 23 community channels

Raaz Gupta

Raaz Gupta Cricket Tips 21 official channels

Zcash Francophone

Groupe dédié à Zcash et à son écosystème. 15 community channels currency channels

Neo Francophone 🇫🇷🇧🇪🇲🇶

Groupe dédié à NEO et à son écosystème. Actus / Trade / Mining / Gas … 14 community channels currency channels

Bitseven Winning Strategies

Disccussion about leverage trading with best strategies, tips, tricks and signals for trading on Bitseven and Bitmex are given by admin. 13 community channels news education signals / indicator

Hunter King Token HKT - Official (Eng)

Official telegram group for Hunter King Token 13 airdrops community channels ico news official channels

VTHO Airdrop

Welcome to the VTHO airdrop telegram channel. You can get free Vechain based VTHO tokens by doing simple airdrop tasks. Join the airdrop now. 13 airdrops currency channels

CCOriginal Chat Room

Join our discord: We have 50+ leaked sources with Bitmex,Short term, Mid term, Long term ,Hodl and GEM coin signals
11 signals / indicator

ManageRigs RUS official group RUS 9 mining

Bitcoin Price Daily

Here you can see daily price of bitcoin 9 community channels currency channels exchanges news tools signals / indicator


Bitcoinee is a telegram channel for cryptocurrencies,ICO Update and free Airdrops related News in this platform. 8 airdrops community channels news

Cyber Lion - Free Signals

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Research 7 community channels news education signals / indicator


We are crypto enthusiasts and share the most important news related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. (Not Official Coindesk Account) 6 news official channels

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Here you can to check your dick 6


Official Group of OyeStartups 5 education official channels

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