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Last updated Sunday February 17, 2019

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Group Name Description Members Tags Link

Mean Xtrade

Public announcement of Mean Xtrade 254 official channels


Telegram community for all Bitnovo information, news, discussion and more! Any support regarding orders should be addressed to 253 exchanges

Hellenic Coin (Official)

Hellenic Coin (Official) 253 ico official channels


An objective, transparent and engaging content hub for Crypto and Blockchain.



251 news education

DADI Tech Announcements

Tech-related announcements. For crowdsale announcements please join @dadiann. 250 ico official channels

BlockPulse360 Crypto News

The most important information in the blockchain and cryptocurrency valley. Everything summed up in a few paragraphs. Only one post per day. The best quality to the best people.
249 news


@nagaico 249 ico official channels

NOS / NOLLAR / XNOS [ES-Channel]

Https:// (Wallet) (discord) (Casino)

247 official channels


The oficial AstreoBot telegram chat. 247 exchanges

CryptoFiendz ICO's & News

ICO Reviews and News 246 community channels

EcoBit Official

EcoBit Official 246 ico official channels

Gameworks (GWX)

Welcome to the Gameworks Game Central Official Telegram group! Feel free to join the conversation. Send your private queries to @GWXSupport for efficient processing.

Beware of scammers! The Gameworks team never initiates private messages with anyone.
246 airdrops community channels currency channels ico games official channels


Disclaimer: We receive compensation for publishing content on this account on behalf of our clients. This content is not investment advice, an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities, or tailored to your specific. Visit 245 currency channels

Growers International

Official Group for the $GRWI Blockchain Platform 244 ico official channels


Airdrops, bounties and other giveaways, please contact if you want to launch your campaign 243 airdrops


Share and get best paying Bitcoin Bots 242 bots

Casinocoin Announcements

Casinocoin Announcements channel 240 ico ethereum official channels

Pure Investments - Crypto Forecast

FREE Cryptocurrency Signals, News Forecast, Market Updates!

Join 10,000+ members on our community discord:

Check out our PREMIUM SIGNALS:
240 community channels news education signals / indicator official channels


ICO list, Airdrop and Bounty, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News


Join Link
233 airdrops exchanges ico

Trading Taurus | Free signals

Binance Telegram Signals Channel | Experts in Technical Analysis | High accuracy signals based on TA&FA

Our public chat room: @TaurusChat
For premium : @TaurusAdmin
233 signals / indicator

Quebecoin (QBC) - Official Groupe Officiel

Quebecoin (QBC) Cryptocurrency Official Community - La communauté officielle de la crypto-monnaie Quebecoin (QBC) 233 ico official channels

42-coin Discussion

42-coin Discussion 232 ico official channels

NOS [NOLLAR / XNOS] [Official-News-EN]

Official News channel for NOS Project updates.
English Telegram:
231 official channels


EXTAURI is Europe’s legally compliant crypto, fiat, and stock exchange for secure and fast utilities and securities trading. 230 community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum education official channels

Kamikaze Bitmex Calls

Kamikaze Bitmex Signals 230 signals / indicator

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