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Last updated Saturday August 17, 2019

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BlueCoin - Bluetooth Currency

BlueCoin is a decentralized digital currency that features cold-staking and offline Bluetooth transactions. 307 ico official channels


Blockchain Farm Game 🏡🌽🌽

306 official channels

Motion Community

Motion Community 305 ico official channels

42-coin Discussion

42-coin Discussion 304 ico official channels


Xotika.TV streaming bot 302 community channels


🎯 HᗴᏞᏞᝪ friends Daily Update High Quality Airdrop List 🎒Stay connected to our channel to get real profits, रियल प्रॉफिट पाने के लिए हमारे चैनल से जुड़े रहो धन्यवाद . Join ⭕
302 airdrops


A Decentralized, Democratized and revolutionary pool fund. 301 ico official channels

TT Crypto

Read more about TT Crypto here: Here's our users forum: 301 other tools

[BTFD] FREE TRADE ANALYSIS: Smart Trading, yet Seriously Fun!

[BTFD] FREE Professional Trade & Crypto Analysis, Blockchain Eduction, ICO advice and Consultant Services [OmOnlineMedia]

Website: Steem:
301 signals / indicator


Learn technical analysis with us and stop paying to tips providers. Get free view on stocks and commodities. We are not Sebi registered analyst all charts shared here are for learning purpose, not responsible for any profit or loss occuring due to this 298 currency channels exchanges tools signals / indicator

BullTrader Live

Investing in crypto-currencies can make traders lots of money. Traders also lose money because of scammers, poor investing, etc. BullTrader tool helps cover ordinary and/or advanced traders needs in the crypto ecosystem! 297 currency channels exchanges other news bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

Airdrops Top Choice🔆

Carefully handpicked Airdrops with real value or potential. Were making sure you wont miss any Airdrops that should be earned this season!👩🏽‍💻👨🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻🚀
297 airdrops

Republic Protocol 297 ico official channels

SMS CHAIN (official)

Monetise your unused SMS with SMS Chain project! Website: 297 currency channels

EcoBit Official

EcoBit Official 295 ico official channels

SOARCOIN Community

SOARCOIN Community 294 ico official channels


A place to continue the conversation.
294 community channels

BOSS Calls 🇩🇪🇬🇧

Be your own Boss - PAID signals for free // Contact: @DonnieAz for questions 292 currency channels


Dear traders, we are a platform, which makes your trade safe. We lists trusted providers, which can guarantee a great profit for you. For more details contact @andreasschmidt 😌🔥
Don’t trade with scammers, earn with traders -
292 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator mining


LINX 291 ico official channels

Crypto Island Premium

We Provide Signal For Short & Mid Both. #Binance / #BITTREX Be Smart... with this Epic Channel. Do TRADE Confidently with us.... 291 community channels


Coindelta Official Support. 291 official channels


Trading, Crafting, and Dungeon Crawling on the blockchain 288 currency channels


ICO list, Airdrop and Bounty, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News


Join Link
286 airdrops exchanges ico


Channel to share news about the latest happenings. We will share white list registrations, Top ICO dates along with coin listings.

Discussion group:

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285 community channels

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