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Last updated Friday April 19, 2019

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Group Name Description Members Tags Link

Verge Currency 20963 ico official channels


MATRIX, the Intelligent Blockchain 20946 ico official channels

Yoo-Mi PHA

Yoo-Mi PHA bounty 20669 currency channels


The Official WeBuy Telegram Group 20553

MOZO Token

Disrupt Foot Traffic in Shopping Malls across Asia
20349 ico ethereum official channels


Official Ethos Group 20222 ico official channels

Whales Crypto Expert™

Get Ready To Get Monthly 10 - 20 X Profit from Bitmex, BINANCE & Bittrex 💰💰💰 20180 other ico news signals / indicator

The Abyss [EN / 🌐] Community

Official English Speaking Community

World’s First DAICO

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS: We never ask for ETH neither in this chat, nor in direct messages, nor in any other chats and emails.

20180 ico

Bibox Discussion

Please follow the Bibox_News, keep up with the lastest news for Bibox.

Please identify the administrator.

Warning: Bibox Admin will not allow to provide the address for token transfer.

20176 ico official channels

Cryptocred's Channel

Technical analysis tips and Bitcoin charts. 20010 signals / indicator

EkoLink 【EKO】 Official (Eng)

EchoLink 【EKO】 Official (Eng) 19891 ico official channels

Horizon Public Announcements & Discussions

Requests for Bounty info strictly to Bounty room --> @HorizonCommICOBounty

Requests on more info about Telecom news allowed here or PM @cryptobuzzwords
19845 currency channels

Gifto Official

The realization of GIFTO 2.0’s vision as a multi-utility blockchain for media, fashion, F&B and entertainment services heralds 2018 as the year of blockchain mass adoption, showing the way for the next generation of blockchain development 19819 ico official channels


Welcome New Friends!! Read Pinned Message!
Official website:
News group:
19802 ico official channels


🏆 Signals are fully automated. No human error, no bias

🏆 Verified results are published daily

💰 Our trades last from few hours to several days with 25-35% profit

🏅 Upgrade to Premium here: @moontrade_bot @pullnow
19596 signals / indicator

Wavesnews and Announcements

Our next-generation decentralised solutions will underpin a web that is private, secure and user-friendly. Find out how you can get involved!

19549 ico official channels

BBN Global Fans

BBN Global Fans Public Group 19513 ico official channels is the leading blockchain travel booking platform with 567,928 properties in 210 countries covering 82,311 destinations with prices 15% cheaper on average than other mainstream booking sites. 19177 ico

ODYSSEY (OCN) Official Community

ODYSSEY(OCN)Official Community.
Future of Decentralized Sharing Economy.
Foundation of P2P Ecosystem. This group is EXCLUSIVE for all ODYSSEY initial members,early supporters,advisors and contributors
18929 ico official channels

Whale Sniper

Get notified when Binance assets get unusual amount of buy/sell activity.

Support chat: @XypherTalk
Get premium version at
18755 bots tools signals / indicator

eBitcoin (eBTC) Official Channel

The Only Official Community Channel of eBTC LLC.

This Channel is monitored by eBTC LLC and is provided for eBTC holders and potential stakeholders as a means of interactively discussing community projects.

More information soon on
18669 ico official channels


Official Blog:
Chinese Telegram:
18623 ico official channels

Gladius Network Chat

The official Telegram group of Gladius, a decentralized content delivery and DDoS mitigation platform.

Our vision: To build the future of web security.

18550 ico official channels


A Fast, Secure, Scalable, Free Blockchain Platform. Tailored for dStorage. 18528 ico official channels

Ontology 中文

Twitter: @OntologyNetwork
Reddit: /r/OntologyNetwork
18355 ico official channels

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