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Last updated Tuesday August 21, 2018

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Join us to reinvent the global equity market 13 official ico

Winter Signals

Shill & Dump on my followers ;) 12 community channels currency channels official cryptocurrency other ico news blockchain bitcoin ethereum price cryptocurrency news cryptocurrency community

Get the latest crypto regulation updates and articles and connect with top cryptocurrency legal and cybersecurity experts on 10 currency channels official cryptocurrency ico blockchain bitcoin cryptocurrency news cryptocurrency community

Hollywoodcoin (HWC)

Hollywoodcoin (HWC) 10 official ico

Airdrop Archive

Archiving Valuable & Quality Blockchain Airdrops 10 airdrops cryptocurrency

Ethereum Platinum official group

This is the blockchain based - real world asset trading platform.
In this group is not allowed:
*Price predictions

You can get a ban after two warnings

Respect each other and have fun!
9 exchanges official cryptocurrency ico blockchain ethereum

XP Community

Crypto investment 8 cryptocurrency ico news


This is a great way to make money! 7 cryptocurrency


UCOM_ENG 7 official ico


Fintech Crypto News covers all the latest trends in Fintech world bringing you the latest news and analyses on the future of Money. Get the latest report on Fintech, ICOs, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology and much more. 7 news

CryptoFiendz Airdrops

Good Airdrops Only (Filtered) 7


Welcome to quvamo, quvamo started with the idea to let people do all kinds of things with cryptocurrency and give people more information about cryptocurrency. At quvamo you can also participate in lotteries, dice games, lotto, and other games 6 cryptocurrency bitcoin ethereum cryptocurrency community


ideas discussion 💡 , planning 🗺 , execution 🤝 and tools ⛏ 6 community channels cryptocurrency indicator news cryptocurrency news

DIA Community

DIA (Decentralized Information Asset) is a trustworthy, crowdsourced, and efficient crypto market information ecosystem to validate and use financial data. 6 community channels ico blockchain price cryptocurrency community


Free Signal For Crypto 6 currency channels

ICO’s & Airdrops

Ongoing and Upcoming ICOs and ratings #bitcoin #altcoin #cryptocurrency #iconews #blockchain #investor #retweet 5 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges cryptocurrency ico news blockchain bitcoin ethereum cryptocurrency news cryptocurrency community

Swing trades based on info 5 official

ZINC Official

R_Block is a Decentralised Hiring Network powered by a Blockchain-based Trust Protocol. Sale closed. 5 ico



The E-ICO Network

Exclusive Access to Private Sales, Public Sales and Airdrops 4 airdrops community channels cryptocurrency ico news blockchain mine

Btc Investipedia 3.0

Invest in mining coins earn automatic returns via bot everyday! Money back guarantee! 4 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges official cryptocurrency other indicator ico news blockchain bitcoin ethereum bots mine price cryptocurrency news cryptocurrency community

Crypto News 24/7

Welcome to @CryptoCurrencyNetwork

The Global Crypto community!

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3 news

Cryptocurrency Whales

The biggest cryptocurrency pump and dump channel. ------------------------------- بزرگترین کانال ارائه سیگنال های سرمایه گذاری در ارز های کریپتو کارنسی ------------------------------- Contact: @bitCrypter 3 cryptocurrency

Another Telegram Airdrop Group

Only the most worthwhile crypto airdrops and bounties 3 airdrops

Clear Poker official community

Qlear is the Trust Machine for Online Gaming, turning any Online Gaming platform into a secure, compliant and trusted environment.
Twitter: @ProtocolQlear
Reddit: r/QlearProtocol
3 community channels currency channels exchanges cryptocurrency ico news blockchain bitcoin ethereum bots cryptocurrency news cryptocurrency community

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