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Last updated Sunday January 26, 2020

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 151000 education ad sponsored

Taxa Network - English

Taxa’s official Telegram group 12837 community channels official channels


Official Ethos Group 12808 ico official channels

Kuchiro ™

KUCHIRORIHCUK is a Crypto Currency Trading Group that gives you Unlimited Access to Trading Advice, Trade Signals and Tutorials.

Need Help?

Contact 👇
12807 currency channels ethereum education signals / indicator official channels

Harmony Community


❌NO ONE from Harmony will ever private message you first, or ask for funds.

🔦 Whitepaper:
✨Announcements channel:@harmony_announcements
Pangaea: @harmonypangaea
12672 official channels

APEX Network

The Official Community Channel for APEX Network (CPX)
12668 ico official channels


Official LATOKEN Open Chat
24/7 Support:
12388 ico ethereum official channels

Bibox Discussion

Please follow the Bibox_News, keep up with the lastest news for Bibox.

Please identify the administrator.

Warning: Bibox Admin will not allow to provide the address for token transfer.

12361 ico official channels

Binance Signals ®

No1 Free Crypto Signals For Binance & Bitmex.

For more information about our pumps/bot/paid promo contact us @Paul_odd @SteveAnderson
12355 community channels currency channels exchanges other news education signals / indicator official channels

Litecoin LTC

Donator ranking system+perks

Forum -
Twitter -
Dev -
LF -
China - @LitecoinCN
Rules @TermsConditions
Listed in @Crypto
12296 ico official channels

GXChain International

GXChain is a fundamental blockchain for the global data economy, designed to build a trusted data internet of value.
Official Website:
12277 ico official channels

Play2Live - Official Group

Official Russian chat:
12197 ico official channels

Wanchain Official

Welcome To The Official Wanchain Telegram Chat. For more information, visit us at 12114 official channels


The future Universal Web
12091 airdrops community channels news official channels

Elrond Network - Community

Elrond Official Channel 12038 official channels

RED Restart Energy Democracy

RED Restart Energy Democracy 12025 ico official channels

ContentBox Community - Boxers

ContentBox is a blockchain-based infrastructure for the decentralized digital content industry.
Official website:
12012 ico official channels

Vite English Group

Vite - A High Performance Asynchronous Decentralized Application Platform.
Vite Announcements:
11942 official channels

Dusk Network

Telegram ANN: Medium page: Twitter page: Reddit page: Linkedin: 11765 official channels community users public discussion group related to storage services and applications. Feel free to join and ask questions.
English Only Channel.
11602 ico official channels

Mainframe Announcements

Official Announcements from the Mainframe Team 11524 ico official channels

WPP Energy Community

The Official WPP Energy GmbH Community Group!
Follow our blog and special announcements on Medium:
11332 official channels

Bezant Official Community

Bezant Official Community 11122 ico official channels


Discussion of Holochain and Holo's technology and ecosytem.

Official Announcement Channels:,
For in-depth conversations:
11120 ico official channels

Kick Ecosystem - Official (eng)


News: @kickico_news
Russian: @KickRussia
Chinese: @kickico_china
Việt Nam: @Kickvietnam
KickEX: @kickex
Türkiye: @KickTurkiye
Espanol: @kickespanol
Indonesia: @kick_indonesia
France: @kickfrance

微信号 nixaoma
10905 official channels

Bitcoin Diamond

With Bitcoin Diamond, you have access to a currency that is convenient and secure to use no matter where you live.

10867 ico official channels

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