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Last updated Monday May 20, 2019

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Ormeus Ecosystem

Ormeus is a new digital money system. We are backed by a fully-audited industrial crypto mining operation and Ormeus Cash (OMC).

24673 currency channels official channels


Dock allows organizations to easily issue verifiable digital credentials using blockchain and empowers individuals to own & control them throughout life. Chinese Group: Korean Group: 24318 ico official channels

Origin Sport Official

Origin Sport official Telegram group.
Cryptocurrency sport betting.

Official website:
Download app:
24260 ico official channels community users public discussion group related to storage services and applications. Feel free to join and ask questions.
English Only Channel.
24192 ico official channels

The WhaleClub

Top 5 cap crypto ONLY, we trade the pulse of whatever is moving
Degen leverage :
500x leverage : WC TG link:
Listed in: @Crypto
23729 community channels


We are building a next-generation web that works for all, with a decentralised toolkit for online services - bringing greater privacy, security and convenience.

News Channel:
23228 currency channels

BankCoin/BankCEX Global Community

🍒BankCEX is your answer to a crypto exchange with greater transparency and benefits!

🍒Listing offer on BankCEX :

🍒Apply for an IEO launchpad at BankCEX :
23072 ico official channels

Hub - Human Trust Protocol

Hub is a professional achievement app that rewards building your reputation with like-minded peers and experts.

Please - No Solicitation in the chat or you will be banned.
22952 currency channels

Welcome to Brickblock’s Official Channel!
The revolution of asset tokenization🌎

🗞 @brickblocknews

Admins do not PM. No price discussions. Please report spammers!
22900 ico


EventChain Smart Ticketing platform 22813 ico official channels

IoT Chain (ITC) Official

IoT Chain (ITC) is a lite IoT Operating System based on blockchain, which was designed to solve current security problems of IoT, meet the high degree of concurrent usage scenarios of IoT and realize the interconnection of all things. 22740 ico official channels

CNN Blockchain Group 2

CNN Blockchain Group 2 22496 ico official channels


WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform.
It enables the finance of green energy projects, to invest into and trade green energy.
22042 ico official channels

LockTrip (LOC Token) - Official Group
0% Commission Blockchain Powered Marketplace & Technology, Where Hoteliers And Property Owners Can Rent Their Property Globally, Collect Money And Manage Bookings Without Paying Any Commissions To Middlemen
21995 ico ethereum official channels

RED Restart Energy Democracy

RED Restart Energy Democracy 21883 ico official channels


Cybermiles' mission is to build a decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce with blockchain. 21790 ico official channels


Welcome to CPChain Telegram!
21744 ico official channels

Crypto Analysis Official™

Crypto Coins News and Analyse.
Flash News And Listing Information, 100% Accurate Signals. ✌️🤑🤑

Paid Advertisements : @Aiden62
Vip Membership : @Aiden62

21523 community channels currency channels official channels


Welcome to the SciDex Telegram group!

The SciDex Protocol enables users to generate compliant, human readable and adaptable smart contracts. This empowers mainstream businesses to use smart contracts to provide services or exchange goods.
21287 mining

Litecoin LTC

Donator ranking system+perks

Forum -
Twitter -
Dev -
LF -
China - @LitecoinChina
Rules @TermsConditions
Listed in @Crypto
21014 ico official channels

GVE全球世界村经济生态(Globalvillage ecosystem)

GVE世界村 20877 ico official channels

Hashgard Official English 20780 community channels

Yoo-Mi PHA

Yoo-Mi PHA bounty 20669 currency channels

Verge Currency 20473 ico official channels

OKEx Official Vietnamese Group

Nhóm dành cho các chiến dịch quảng cáo và airdrop OKEx, OKEx sẽ liên tục phát các Token miễn phí trong nhóm quảng cáo này.
OKEx sẽ tiếp tục airdrop tới tất cả cộng đồng OKEx trong thời gian tới.
20204 airdrops community channels exchanges ico

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