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Last updated Wednesday August 21, 2019

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this Exchange will be more powerful then binance and you all are pioneers of this exchange. lets make this community big so we can build a huge empire, get 100 free AEX tokens in Airdrop and get 200 AEX on every referral 23145 exchanges

IoTeX Official Group

IoTeX Official Group. 23072 community channels currency channels official channels

Max Property Group

Official MPG Group 23013 official channels

Membersheep Official

🐑 Web :
🐑 Facebook :
🐑 LinkedIn :
🐑 Twitter :
22949 airdrops

Welcome to Brickblock’s Official Channel!
The revolution of asset tokenization🌎

🗞 @brickblocknews

Admins do not PM. No price discussions. Please report spammers!
22900 ico

Ankr Community

Ankr is a distributed computing network that leverages idle resources in data centers and edge devices to enable a sharing economy of cloud infrastructure.

22659 community channels currency channels news official channels


New Eco-Friendly and Layered Decentralized Economy:
Three-layer solution
Multi-mining capability
Optimizing the energy consumption
22637 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels

AgentMile (Official)

The world's first decentralized commercial real estate marketplace -

AgentMile (Official)

AgentMile (Announcements)
22613 ico official channels

Mainframe Community (1/2)

This is our 1st Mainframe Telegram group.
We also have Announcements, a 2nd English group, a Chinese group, and a Korean group.
22511 ico


Open platform for Web 3.0 applications and custom decentralized solutions.

Dev group:
22481 currency channels

WanchainANN - Announcements Channel

The Official Announcements Channel.

Please join our official chat as well:
22474 ico official channels

ICO Speaks - News & Alerts

ICO SPEAKS NEWS is about Crypto News.
ICO/IEO/Airdrop reviews.
Only trustworthy crypto projects.
Promotion @WendyMonaco
22352 ico

Whales Crypto Expert™

Get Ready To Get Monthly 10 - 20 X Profit from Bitmex, BINANCE & Bittrex 💰💰💰 21970 other ico news signals / indicator

Top9Ico Where to Invest❓

🚨Hello, how you know, always is question, were to invest best?
News from Top Experts, join us.


🌎 Paid Promotion:

Whale Sniper

Get notified when Binance assets get unusual amount of buy/sell activity.

Support chat: @XypherTalk
Get premium version at
21552 bots tools signals / indicator

Zipper Foundation

Zipper Foundation Official Group 21321 official channels

SKM Global-Skrumble Network Chat

Skrumble Network is a completely new, innovative blockchain and application that brings the most secure connections for communication.

Announcement channel:
21302 ico official channels

Agate - Community

Join for announcements only.

If you couldn’t join with short link please try:

Website: Https://
21259 ico official channels

#mcflytoken #flyingcars

Official Community Telegram chat

Be nice and welcome to our community!

20927 community channels

Yoo-Mi PHA

Yoo-Mi PHA bounty 20669 currency channels

No BS Crypto






20487 ico official channels

Polymath Network

The Securities Token Platform

Our News Channel where you can see all of our latest updates can be found here:
20454 ico official channels

Kepler Technologies Announcements

Kepler Technologies Official Telegram Group
20206 currency channels


Welcome to CPChain Telegram!
20129 ico official channels

Wall Street Trader ICO Pool & NEWS

ENG @Elizabeth_WST
Support Traders:
ENG @ @James_ws
RUS @Vlad_burno
Atention: Admins never message you first!
General channel @wallstreetTraderSchool
20127 airdrops exchanges ico news official channels

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