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Last updated Friday April 19, 2019

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Here are published the most profitable signals from the crypto market

Manager - @allsoslow
5354 currency channels

High value and high quality cryptocurrency airdrops ✓ Never miss a free coin airdrop again, join us now:

Promotion & Advertising:- @hostingico

If you have questions, please contact us via email:
5299 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels



Reddit :
Github :
Telegram :
5175 currency channels

Bitcoin Chat

All Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency related Chat.

No referral linking, no spamming. No advertising of your own services.

If someone pm's you it's probably a scam.
4759 currency channels

Crypto Mart💵💵💵

Crypto Invester Trade Tips - Cryptocurrency

Lets get you guys to 100+ BTC Net Worth

Follow my Trade Signals and increase your BTC value.

Starting: 0.1 BTC
Target: 100 BTC
Duration: 1 year

Contact me for Premium Membership: @Crypto_simba
4682 currency channels exchanges other ethereum mining official channels

Luxcess Group CHAT

💥Become one of us and let’s make
a better tomorrow together!
4676 currency channels


U°Today covers the crypto industry and community, Blockchain, fintech and AI. We run price forecasts, analyses, opinion columns, expert’s blogs, interviews and features. We are open to exchanging opinions with you. Stay tuned!
4663 community channels currency channels exchanges ico news ethereum education signals / indicator mining


24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading, News. 4588 currency channels

Dbrain Сhat (ENG)

A tool to label data and build narrow AI for business
4458 currency channels

Ripple XRP Alerts/News Feed

Latest Ripple News & Alerts

Chat: @Ripple

XRP tipjar:
4447 currency channels

NortonChain Official
4440 currency channels

Blockchain Life® Official


🗽Join PRO Channel @blockchainlife_assistantBot

🗨Contact @blockchainlife_support

👀Results @blockchainlife_results

🗣Testimonials @blockchainlife_testimonials

👨‍💻Twitter https://BlockchainLif17
4421 community channels currency channels other ico news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

KickCity Community

KickCity is Disrupting the Event Industry Using Blockchain 🚀

KickCity is the magic place where you get rewarded with crypto for sharing events with your friends & followers 💙

Check our beta 👉
4354 currency channels

Rapids Official

Rapids is a cryptocurrency project utilizing Social Media Networks for everyday transactions. The Rapids platform facilitates the sending, gifting, and sharing of Rapids tokens through Web Browser and Social Media-enabled Widgets.
4179 currency channels official channels

BridgeProtocol 4167 currency channels


Rudrcoin is a blockchain innovation based platform for innovators to raise funding for R&D works.

4116 currency channels

BEST Signals

Ad - @Weeninr 4058 currency channels


The official Telegram channel of Changelly, the online platform with 130+ cryptos to swiftly buy and swap.

Contact us:

Affiliates - @changelly_affiliate
Token Listing - @annachangelly
Korean channel - @changellykorea
Support -
4011 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico ethereum mining

🚀⚡️Notus Network Announcement⚡️🚀

First Off-Chain Payment Solution On Ethereum Blockchain Based on Smart Contracts Airdrop-Selfdrop-Token Sale Chat Group : 3999 currency channels

Roller coaster Signals⚡

Hi, I'm the Roller coaster signals ! ⚡
Are you tired of small profits and slow trades? Well I'm here to save the day. 🚀
3930 currency channels


Identifying each online visitor and customizing website content in real-time utilizing blockchain technology and token economy. 3785 currency channels


Decentralized cryptocurrency payment provider and token sale.

Minerva (OWL) pre-sale information:
3774 currency channels


Welcome to the official AirSwap Telegram!

AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading network built on Ethereum. Our mission is to empower people through global, frictionless trade.

AirSwap Developers Telegram:
3668 community channels currency channels exchanges news ethereum official channels


Latest crypto news & market insights

contact : @nakamotocat
3575 currency channels


Hicky leverages blockchain technology to make dating and social interactions more secure, effective and fun ❣️

3575 currency channels

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