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Last updated Tuesday March 26, 2019

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Decentralized Care Homes Powered by Blockchain 30960 ico


Read PINNED Message upon entering!

THEKEY is a blockchain based identity verification technology (IDV) being developed to create secure digital identities for the future
30235 ico official channels


Welcome to Bethereum!
News channel:
30100 currency channels

Altcoin Trading Coach®

‼️ Binance Free Signals‼️
❌ No Pump & Dump
〽️ Altcoin Signals Charts/Market Analysis
📡 Crypto news

Signal information : Signals will be sent here on the channel at any time so get ready and PIN our channel 📌
29912 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

BankCoin/BankCEX Global Community

🍒BankCEX is your answer to a crypto exchange with greater transparency and benefits!

🍒BankCEX request listing :

🍒BankCEX is running IEO :
29816 ico official channels


This is the NKN official group, you can get the latest news about NKN from here. 29594 ico official channels


Aeron - Blockchain solutions for aviation safety

Official email:
29455 ico official channels

GoNetwork - Main Telegram Ch

Our Only Official Website is
The token sale has ended
For business inquires please pm @xuncai
29449 ico


🚀 Active Pumps and giveaways!

Support: @PNPSupport
For paid promo and ICO's contact: @PNPElite
29182 signals / indicator

Pundi X Official | English

This is the official Pundi X telegram group. For the official news announcement channel, join Pundi X official website is Beware of the scammers and stay safe. 29049 ico official channels

WanchainANN - Announcements Channel

The Official Announcements Channel.

Please join our official chat as well:
28859 ico official channels

HOST.GAMES (Official)

Host.Games is a global online gaming platform that deploys HOP (Host Out Protocol) which empowers its users to host casino games with a click of a button anywhere in the world. The platform leverages blockchain to ensure absolute transparency between the operators (Host) and players and simplifies all monitory transactions through smart contracts. 28543 community channels

Best Airdrops📈📊

We share only the hottest & best rated Airdrops!🔥📊

Start making free $$$ with Airdrops today!🚀


Dock allows organizations to easily issue verifiable digital credentials using blockchain and empowers individuals to own & control them throughout life. Chinese Group: Korean Group: 28159 ico official channels community users public discussion group related to storage services and applications. Feel free to join and ask questions.
English Only Channel.
27530 ico official channels

Polymath Network

The Securities Token Platform

Our News Channel where you can see all of our latest updates can be found here:
27433 ico official channels

BRD Community Channel

Please share our announcement telegram with others
27378 ico official channels

Crypterium Chat (EN)

Discussion of Crypterium project and CRPT token. Ask your questions and come up with ideas.
27061 ico official channels

Hub - Human Trust Protocol 26854 currency channels

Altcoins trading signals

Authentic signals for all leading exchanges. admin @altsignalz #binance #bitmex #bittrex #bitcoinnews

for cross promotion/ i.c.o promotion/vip premium channel @altsignalz

26632 signals / indicator

Crypto Groups

Welcome to @Crypto &

The heart of the crypto community & the most active platform!

Follow us:

Use @ListMeBot to list your items!

For more information please visit: @CryptoFAQs
26602 community channels


The one and only bitcoin
26320 currency channels


EventChain Smart Ticketing platform 26232 ico official channels

CNN Blockchain Group 2

CNN Blockchain Group 2 26001 ico official channels

Mega Pump Group

Cryptocurrency altcoin pumps and free VIP trade signals! Join us on discord with over 55 000 members :

25967 official channels

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