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Last updated Wednesday November 21, 2018

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Horizon Main Group

Requests for Bounty info strictly to Bounty room --> @HorizonCommICOBounty

Requests on more info about Telecom news allowed here or PM @cryptobuzzwords
36000 currency channels

Skrumble Network Chat

Skrumble Network is a completely new, innovative blockchain and application that brings the most secure connections for communinication.

Announcement channel:
35406 ico official channels

BRD Community Channel

Please share our announcement telegram with others
34826 ico official channels

[CN] HMS Global

[CN] HMS Global 34691 ico official channels


WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform.
It enables the finance of green energy projects, to invest into and trade green energy.
34677 ico official channels


Time New Bank ICO Official Group English Group: 34644 ico official channels


Kcash-CN 34469 ico official channels

World 🌎 Wi-Fi CHAT

Join World 🌎 Wi-Fi


🔸All Info:
34141 ico official channels

ChronoBank is the first global blockchain project making a revolution for the recruitment industry!

Buy tokens:
34001 ico official channels

Polymath Network

The Securities Token Platform

Our News Channel where you can see all of our latest updates can be found here:
33747 ico official channels

Altcoins trading signals

Perfect authentic signals for all leading exchanges. admin @altsignalz

for cross promotion/ i.c.o promotion/vip premium channel @altsignalz

33252 signals / indicator

Endor Protocol Group

Endor Protocol Group 33240 ico

eBitcoin (eBTC) Official Channel

The Only Official Community Channel of eBTC LLC.

This Channel is monitored by eBTC LLC and is provided for eBTC holders and potential stakeholders as a means of interactively discussing community projects.

More information soon on
32890 ico official channels

CashBet Coin

The World’s Only Complete, Crypto-Ready iGaming Platform 32657 ico

ONEROOT - Chinese Chat
English Chat
32144 ico official channels


The Travel Blockchain. Decentralized
Travel Marketplace and Protocols.

Hey guys - Good news. You can now find TRIO trading info on
32072 ico official channels

this Exchange will be more powerful then binance and you all are pioneers of this exchange. lets make this community big so we can build a huge empire, get 100 free AEX tokens in Airdrop and get 200 AEX on every referral 31943 exchanges

The Abyss [EN / 🌐] Community

Official English Speaking Community

World’s First DAICO

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS: We never ask for ETH neither in this chat, nor in direct messages, nor in any other chats and emails.

31493 ico


ugChain官方中文交流 30900 ico official channels

Origin Protocol

Welcome to Origin Protocol! We are building the sharing economy without intermediaries. Join for updates as we build. NOTE: We'll never ask for ETH here. Any official news will always be on 30427 ico

Vexanium official | English

Vexanium official group

Telegram group (en) :
Channel :
Instagram :
Twitter :
30220 currency channels

CoinTokenDrop Crypto Awareness Platform

CoinTokenDrop will showcase upcoming projects with great future potential! We will provide ICO reviews, project reviews and good tips.

For advertising proposals, please contact @CTDadvertising
30151 other ico news signals / indicator

ODYSSEY (OCN) Official Community

ODYSSEY(OCN)Official Community.
Future of Decentralized Sharing Economy.
Foundation of P2P Ecosystem. This group is EXCLUSIVE for all ODYSSEY initial members,early supporters,advisors and contributors
30029 ico official channels

RED Restart Energy Democracy

RED Restart Energy Democracy 30001 ico official channels


The MAKE platform provides a new way to share and discover media all while earning tokens and effectively promoting brands.

Pre-Sale: Nov 1
Crowd: Jan 21

Twitter: @MAKE_token
Instagram: @MAKE_token
29922 ico ethereum official channels

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