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Last updated Tuesday July 16, 2019

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CryptoGEMS.™ Official




@Analyser 🤝 @Brownmoose
2119 - The Student Market

A Decentralized P2P Students Marketplace for Online short-term Jobs. 2118 ico official channels

ARB Trade Pro -- FREE Signals

We are a team of 4 professional Traders. Follow our signals and see how much % profits you can make.
We will be utilising the Trade Pro shadow feature when it comes online.
2118 currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots tools signals / indicator official channels


HERO - Revolutionizing iGaming
2107 ico official channels


We post very profitable Insider Crypto Signals 🚀🐳

🔥2000%+ gains in total🔥

Disclaimer: Please consult a financial advisor before investing/trading. This isn’t financial advice. This is for educational purposes only.

VIP Channel Admin: @insiderbabywhale
2107 signals / indicator


Your trusted guide to the crypto pump world.

Not a yet another crypto pump channel.
Upcoming pumps watchlist.
High quality analytics of historical pumps with charts.

Full list of services:
Сontact: @pumpolymp_support
2104 news


A channel for the cryptocurrency GameCredits and the GameCredits Foundation. 2102 ico official channels

RChain Coop

RChain Coop Official 2101 ico official channels

Vitae Token - OFFICIAL 🌱

Earn money by liking and sharing! 2100 ico ethereum official channels

Whalepool Bitcoin Feed

Whalepool Chat:
Whalepool Telegram Feed: @whalepoolbtcfeed
2100 news

Mercury Protocol

Welcome to the Mercury Protocol Community! Announcements: Website: Whitepaper: Join us in building Social Network 2.0 on Ethereum 2100 ico official channels


Welcome to ZCash (slack)

Listed in:
@Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies
2098 ico official channels

Stakenet (XSN) English

This is the official XSN Telegram group.
Only English is allowed in this group.
Information website:
Online staking website:
Discord Invite Link:
2093 ico official channels


ICOs and Crypto discussion 2090 community channels

Cryptocurrency Trading and News - Signal Coin - New PoW Coin

For contact @CryptoH24Admin 2080


Official Telegram group of

Please read our pinned message upon joining - thank you for your support!
2079 currency channels


DOV is a cryptocurrency you earn and spend by sharing and changing the way you travel. Join the blockchain movement. 2073 ico official channels

This Group is not more moderated

This Group is not more moderated, please visit 2054 community channels

Sugar Exchange Official Channel

Sugar Exchange 2051 ico official channels


CanYaCoin Announcements 2045 ico official channels

LUXcore Official Announcements and Information

LUXcore | LUXgate | Smart Contract | Segwit | PoW/PoS Hybrid | Masternode | 2037 ico official channels

Old CazCoin community

Please join our new community @cazcoinofficial 2035 ico official channels

Deed - Official

DEED website

Updates & Announcements

Official DEED admins
2027 ico

Crypto Club™

🌐 We Provide 100% FREE Crypto Info on

✅ Mid & Long-Term TechnicalAnalysis💰🚀
✅ Beginner Guides✏️
✅ Crypto News🎙

Technical & Fundamental Analysis ✒️
Contact Our Team of Experts👌

2026 signals / indicator


Investing & fundraising made better. 2026 ico official channels

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