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Last updated Sunday October 13, 2019

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[WGR] Wagerr - Main Channel - decentralized sports betting blockchain. White paper - 2161 ico official channels

BITCOMO CPA AdNetwork on Blockchain🚀

Our ICO has finished! Now our tokens are free tradable on the web!

We're launching our platform in March, feel free to visit

All affiliates and advertisers are welcome! Get more profit with next-get blockchain CPA ad network!
2154 ico

KNW token - Official Telegram Chat for - Copyright 2018

Official Telegram Chat for 2154 ico ethereum official channels


BitStation Official Telegram group.
2153 ico official channels

CryptoGEMS.™ Official




@Analyser 🤝 @Brownmoose

Bethereum News

Welcome to the @Bethereum News channel, where we’ll post the latest project developments and updates!
2138 ico ethereum

Bitcoin Growth Masters

This is a worldwide network of bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders and investors in all areas of fintech, ICOs and blockchain technology. It’s purpose is to create a variety of networking opportunities to help advance the careers and investment strategies of members and to learn about exciting developments in the industry. Visit to calculate your potential investment earnings. 2132 community channels


Website -
Forum -
Discord -
Twitter -
Reddit -
Blog -
2130 ico official channels

Crypto Cove

• Always Do Your Own Research Before Any Investment..

• Please Don’t Follow Anyone Else Blindly..

• Be Smart & Think For Future (LONGTERM)

• If You Need Any Kind of Help So Feel Free & Contact Us

• Paid Membership @Mr_Cove
2121 signals / indicator

Coingape- Internet Of Money

Latest Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news. Visit for regular cryptocurrency updates. 2119 news

CloakCoin Official

CloakCoin - Private, Secure, Untraceable & Decentralized Digital Currency - - 2111 ico official channels

Mercury Protocol

Welcome to the Mercury Protocol Community! Announcements: Website: Whitepaper: Join us in building Social Network 2.0 on Ethereum 2100 ico official channels

DASH Knights 2.0


Official Dash Chat @dash_chat
Group Administrator: @Tungfa
2099 currency channels

LIFE 2096 ico official channels


Lend.Send.Spend 2085 ico official channels

Metabase Network

Blockchain Platform to Build Next Generation Businesses. 2081 ico

NortonChain Official
2059 currency channels

Bizavest Analytics Platform

THIS IS THE OFFICIAL CHAT GROUP FOR BIZAVEST ANALYTICS PLATFORM. Bizavest is an analytics and business intelligence system capable of providing high quality decision-making and market driven information for business needs. 2059 currency channels


A truly decentralised sports betting marketplace using the BETR token. The official group for Contact admin: @lindseyBETRadmin 2055 ico official channels

Synthetix News

All Synthetix announcements will be posted here! For discussion, come join us on Discord: 2049 ico official channels


Posts are not financial advice DOYR.

For premium service and advertising cont : @cryptofutureworld @whaleleaksadmin
2037 community channels

Vitae Token Community 🌱

Earn money by using our social media platform! 2037 ico official channels

Crypto Mining

Welcome to @Crypto > @CryptoCommunities


Wish to report a user? send a message to @Resolutions

@Contribute to help this group.

If you're feeling generous & would like 2 donate, go to @DonateToUs
2034 community channels

DreamTeam Crew ENG

Website: RU Chat: One Pager: White Paper: 2020 ico official channels


COBINHOOD's official community for Chinese speakers 2014 exchanges

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