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Last updated Monday June 24, 2019

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Margin Whales®

We Are Family.


For VIP contact - Mr. W @Whistler7

©2019 - Margin Whales®
6420 currency channels, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. is headquartered in Hong Kong. For more information, please visit: 6350 currency channels

DigitizeCoin Announcements

Website :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Telegram chat: @DigitizeChat
6273 currency channels

💫 VRT World 🌏 [eng]

VR blockchain ecosystem for developers, players and business | 6218 currency channels

Valorem Foundation ICO (Official Channel)

We are the niche platform for the 99%

Visit our website

Chat Group - Active Mod

Channel -
6065 currency channels


Digital assets made simple. 6030 currency channels


Blockchain gaming to be developed, enjoyed and organized. Easily!
No spam, no marketing offers! English only!


Most active admins' response time: 8AM-10PM UTC/GMT +2 hours
6015 currency channels

Siacoin SC

Active Admins: @CryptoBuu & @shadymeh

Listed in:
@Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies
5951 currency channels

RSK Official Announcement Channel

RSK Official communication channel 5949 currency channels

Team Monster

# 1 crypto community verified by Crypto

Team of crypto investors sharing insights, entries & analysis.

💰Short trades & long holds
📚Trading Education
🗞Breaking News

Contact : @Teammonsterinfo
5927 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Trade Experts 🔵


☞ contact : @palidou

crosspromoter : @tomy_cooper

Link channel 👇👇
5799 currency channels

Digitize Community

Welcome to the official Digitize Community!
Our Presale is Live!

Telegram ANN:
5763 currency channels


invite link: 5627 currency channels

CryptoPoint (News, Analysis, Signals)

This Channel aims to provide:
*Trading guide and signals

To join the CP PREMIUM and for any questions or inquiries, ONLY contact: @TheCrypt0Taker
5601 currency channels news education signals / indicator official channels


PumaPay is reinventing daily payments. Join our group to learn how you can easily pay with cryptocurrencies and get the most out of your everyday payments. 5509 currency channels


The world's premiere fantasy cryptotrading game. Raise the stakes! 5497 currency channels

WEBN Official English Group Chat

Webn token can be use as mode of payment to purchase website development, systems, graphic designs, logos and video presentation. "Real utility means real demand for the token." 5427 currency channels

Substratum Link Portal

Everything about the most popular open sourced Android theming system! 5423 currency channels

FLASH Official

FLASH is a cryptocurrency for worldwide commerce with a settlement time of around 5 seconds. Use the FLASH mobile wallet as easily as cash or credit card. 5381 currency channels

trader coach 💯

✅News and Analyse
✅100% Free Premium signals
✅Daily profit
✅Short term trades
✅Trading education
5350 community channels currency channels news ethereum education signals / indicator mining official channels


Clinicoin is a global health platform that pays you to be healthy and connects you to people who help keep you that way.

No trade, exchanges, FUD or price talk in the group.
5229 currency channels

BEST Signals

Ad - @Weeninr 5056 currency channels

Electronero - Official Investors Chat | Electronero (ETNX) - Electronero Discussion Group 4925 currency channels signals / indicator mining official channels

Joint Ventures - Updates 4794 currency channels

Blockchain Life® Official

Welcome to Blockchain Life!

Contact -> @blockchainlife_support

Trade results -> @blockchainlife_results

Testimonials -> @blockchainlife_testimonials

Follow us on Twitter https://BlockchainLif17
4783 community channels currency channels other ico news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

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