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Last updated Sunday June 16, 2019

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Global Awards Token (GAT)

Global Awards Token (GAT) is the biggest marketing revolution since the invention of points. If you have any questions, this is your place
2329 ico ethereum official channels

Cryptojumpers Italia

Salotto di confronto su criptovalute e trading

** Esplora CJ Network **
@cjviaggi (Viaggi)
@cryptojumpers (cripto)
@jumpergames (giochi)
@jumperchef (cucina)
@cj_trading_room (trading)
@codicipromo (bonus)

2262 community channels currency channels exchanges news ethereum bots

ARB Trade Pro -- FREE Signals

We are a team of 4 professional Traders. Follow our signals and see how much % profits you can make.
We will be utilising the Trade Pro shadow feature when it comes online.
2133 currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots tools signals / indicator official channels


Extauri is Europe's licensed, legally compliant trading platform for utility and security tokens as well as traditional banking products based on crypto and fiat.

This group is the place for all your questions, comments and views on our exciting project.
2107 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Vitae Token - OFFICIAL 🌱

Earn money by liking and sharing! 2082 ico ethereum official channels

TaaS: Token-as-a-Service

Join TaaS’ official information channels:
Medium blog:
Telegram Newsfeed:
Telegram chat [RU]:
1972 ico ethereum official channels

Bitcoin Accumulator

Ultimate guide to holding cryptocurrency and BitMex trading dedicated to help you preserve and accumulate your crypto holdings.

📌Technical aspects
📌Fundamental analysis
📌Market insights
📌Margin trading

Contact: @broadword
1950 community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum education signals / indicator official channels

Holistic Trader Community

Financial Empowerment Community for Holistic Traders.

Characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected & explicable only by reference to the whole.

We apply this same principle to Trading and Mindset.
1923 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Crystal Clear Token

Crystal Clear ICO - We changing the way customers and service providers connect.
CCT token is tradable on hitBTC.
ICO website:
1910 ico ethereum official channels

Network Token

Network Token 1762 ico ethereum official channels


The Official group for the RefToken project 1756 ico ethereum official channels

Binance English

Telegram Marketing Software 1694 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels


Tokenbox is an ecosystem for crypto- investors,traders & funds.
1632 ico ethereum official channels

Together We Accumulate™

#TogetherWeAccumulate :
VIP Registration Contact : @cryptonatii
1406 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education tools signals / indicator official channels

OTC - Crypto Trading Community

Post your asks and orders here, and try to find a counterparty through the community. BTC, ETH & other Alts Coins.

Channel For Verified Deals By Admins:
1393 community channels exchanges ethereum tools official channels

Titan Flight Studios

Mobile Game Development Studio powered by Enjin.
1371 airdrops community channels exchanges news ethereum games official channels

Trig(x) holders group

1. No FUD/Toxicity
2. Only SFW content
3. No Referrals/Advertising
4. No Spamming/Shilling
5. No Profanity/Discrimination
6. Only English conversations
7. Trig-related coin discussions only
8. Admin can all
1154 ico ethereum official channels

Bitwala Security Token Offering

The official Bitwala Security Token Offering Telegram channel. Our community managers are more than happy to answer your questions. 1144 ico ethereum official channels

Yellow Token

Official YELLOWTOKEN Telegram Chat

welcome to the YELLOWTOKEN family
1105 ico ethereum official channels

Minereum Token


1061 ico ethereum official channels


Youhodler - Blockchain-based Financial Ecosystem focused on cryptocurrency-backed lending with fiat loans.

YouHodler lending platform provides USD and/or EUR loans, secured by collateral in BTC, ETH, XRP,BCH, BCV and other popular cryptocurrencies
998 ico ethereum official channels

Ethereum Francophone 🚀

Groupe dédié à Ethereum et à son écosystème. Actus / Trade / Mining / ICO ... 989 community channels currency channels exchanges ico news ethereum mining


AnthemGold is a Gold Bullion Backed Token that will launch thanks to the Hercules Protocol.
The HERC token is available on mainnet : 0x6251583e7d997df3604bc73b9779196e94a090ce
977 ico ethereum official channels

Official LXR Token

A Global Hybrid Marketplace powered by blockchain technology, 965 ico ethereum official channels


The new FOMO-like game based on the ethereum-blockchain


Feel free to ask your questions: @EthCrystalBot
938 ethereum games official channels

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