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Last updated Tuesday January 15, 2019

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Smart Investor

ICO, investments and analytical information in crypto-sphere - all that you need!

Advertising and cooperation: @cryptomaker_premium
43755 community channels

Crypto Traders™

Binance ¦ Bitmex ¦ Bittrex

Paid Advertisements : @TradingeXpert97
Vip Membership : @cryptoScVip
43436 currency channels Community

Nexo - The World's First Instant Crypto-backed Loans. Powered by Credissimo - A Leading FinTech Group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years.
43030 ico official channels

Yobit Pumping Crazy Community™

👑 Yobit Pumping community 👑
👑signal @ low level..entry point which has tendency to moon😍 for max profit for all participants
👑 People's pump 👑
👉Everything we signal for free for all
Beware of scammer
42922 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico ethereum signals / indicator official channels


Superbloom is a simplified crypto investment and trading platform which uses our utility token, SEED.

42006 exchanges

Friendz Official Community

Friendz Official Community 41490 ico official channels



41413 ico official channels

Bitcoin Bravado ✪

# 1 crypto community verified by @Crypto

Team of crypto investors sharing insights, entries & analysis.

💰Short trades & long holds
📚Trading Education
🗞Breaking News

👇Join the Movement
40560 community channels

StockChain Official Group#Athena

StockChain is the world’s 1st
decentralized cryptocurrency quotation and exchange platform .
About StockChain SCC:
40231 ico official channels


Read PINNED Message upon entering!

THEKEY is a blockchain based identity verification technology (IDV) being developed to create secure digital identities for the future
39757 ico official channels


Welcome to Bethereum!
News channel:
39145 currency channels

Bounty Global

The most trustworthy platform of valuable crypto bounties from around the globe💯
Check out all the bounties on
39125 airdrops

Hub - Human Trust Protocol 39041 currency channels

Get Telegram Members

Marketing tool for Telegram Group in 2018. We will help you easy to administer and build the user community in your Telegram group at the lowest cost and save you the most time. Contact: @StoneTina 38744 community channels

IoT Chain (ITC) Official

IoT Chain (ITC) is a lite IoT Operating System based on blockchain, which was designed to solve current security problems of IoT, meet the high degree of concurrent usage scenarios of IoT and realize the interconnection of all things. 38391 ico official channels


This is the NKN official group, you can get the latest news about NKN from here. 38383 ico official channels


Decentralized Care Homes Powered by Blockchain 38246 ico

GoNetwork - Main Telegram Ch

Our Only Official Website is
The token sale has ended
For business inquires please pm @xuncai
38055 ico


37646 ico official channels


🚀 Active Pumps and giveaways!

Support: @PNPSupport
For paid promo and ICO's contact: @PNPElite
37127 signals / indicator

Hashgard Official English 36764 community channels

ArenaBot Group

bot trading 36583 bots

Crypto Fox Analysis

Lets come forward and Join Passionate enthusiastic Team to explore The Potential of Crypto.
Reach Sources of Ico,Legal Info,Trading Analysis and Many More..

ping me @Deadpool_k
Paid promo @Tom_cruze1
Twitter 🐦
36455 currency channels


Dock gives people control of their data online and provides interoperability between networks and apps.
Chinese Group:
Korean Group:
35837 ico official channels


EventChain Smart Ticketing platform 35127 ico official channels

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