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Last updated Saturday May 26, 2018

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Official Bluzelle Telegram

Welcome to Bluzelle - The DecentralIzed Database for dApps 23463 ico

Whales Cryptocurrency

The biggest cryptocurrency pump and dump channel. ------------------------------- بزرگترین کانال ارائه سیگنال های سرمایه گذاری در ارز های کریپتو کارنسی ------------------------------- Contact: @bitCrypter 23069 cryptocurrency


Ask questions or just chat about the Envion ICO. Details at 22581 currency channels


A new era of cloud computing services, powered by blockchain technology. 22485 ico

Velix.ID Official Community

Velix.ID - Digital Identity Verification over Blockchain. White Paper : Token Paper : Website : 22416 currency channels

NEUROTOKEN (NTK) 22332 ico

Pundi X Official | English

Official Pundi X Official | English group 22311 ico

CryptoTalk Group

Official account of CryptoTalk Proposals, messages, commercial offers to 👉 @Etenbro @matteoek CryptoMirror news 👉 @cryptoTalkC ✅News channels: @icorocks @yodacrypto ✅Our Partners: @icoinschannel @icoinsgroup 22209 community channels

Hurify News

Chat: @HurifyICO 22047 currency channels

ICO AgroTechFarm

Find more information on our website 22019 currency channels

Wavesnews and Announcements

Waves blockchain platform: custom token issuance, peer-to-peer transfer and trading. Communities: En @wavescommunity and Ru @wavescommunityRU 21877 currency channels

CryptoTalk Channel

Official account of CryptoTalk Proposals, messages, commercial offers to 👉 @Etenbro @matteoek CryptoMirror news 👉 @cryptoTalkC ✅News channels: @icorocks @yodacrypto ✅Our Partners: @icoinschannel @icoinsgroup 21809 official

SmartMesh Official 21806 currency channels

Yoo-Mi PHA

Yoo-Mi PHA bounty 21786 currency channels

Sapien Network

Secure. Private. Custom. Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries. 21521 ico

Telcoin Community

Telcoin, bringing financial inclusion to a mobile world. 20930 ico

Cardano Community

Discussions for Cardano (ADA) ENG. Join us to become part of this awesome community! No Spam, No Bots, No Reflinks, No MLM or permanent BAN. tg link = BAN Russian Chat -> @cardano_rus THIS IS UNOFFICIAL - SO IT'S FREE OF CENSORSHIP. SAY WHAT YOU THINK 20917 currency channels

Zeepin Official (English)

Zeepin Official Community. A Distributed Creative New Economy. Smart work, Creative life! Chinese telegram group: Twitter: Website: 20799 ico -

Official account of ICOcountdown is @Alexanderico ONLY TRUST THE ADMINS WITH A BADGE EVERYONE ELSE IS AN IMPERSONATOR. List of Crowdsales: Listed in @crypto 20671 ico

Wall Street Trader School

Here you will find latest information on the direction of the currency market from 5 Trader Team. 20515


Welcome to the official Howdoo chat! A social media and messaging platform built on the Ethereum blockchain to empower people, groups, and communities to take back control of their digital footprints 20296 currency channels


Snovio ICO Website: Snovio Website: White Paper: Facebook: Twitter: 20210 currency channels

MOO Token Sale - MOO Token by CloudMoolah

Everything about the MOO Token Sale 19982 currency channels

Health Nexus

Token Site: 19886 ico


Aeron - Blockchain solutions for aviation safety ( Twitter: Medium: 19878 ico

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