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Last updated Saturday December 14, 2019

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 151000 education ad sponsored

The Fabric Token Ecosystem

Empowering the world with easy access to blockchain tech. 2239 ico ethereum official channels [Premium]

Official Channel with Crypto News and Updates for 2233 currency channels

VouchForMe Official Group

VouchForMe is a next generation of peer-to-peer insurance based on social proof endorsements, fully harnessing the power of blockchain innovation. More info: 2214 ico official channels

DASH Knights 2.0


Official Dash Chat @dash_chat
Group Administrator: @Tungfa
2210 currency channels


Our social media / information:

☑️ Facebook:
☑️ Twitter:
☑️ Slack:
☑️ Medium:
☑️ Bitcointalk:
☑️ Bounty:
2208 ico official channels

Nxt Community

Listed in:
@Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies
2206 ico official channels

Polybius | ENG | Official

Polybius Official English chat. Come join the discussion!

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Blog –
News – @polybiusnews_eng
2206 ico official channels

🅜MIMAX English Group

What is MiMax? It's simply "Minimum Risk For Maximum Reward".

At Mimaxtrading, we catch every market's movement.
2201 community channels

Qbao Community En

A smart crypto-wallet. Qbao for iOS: App Store Qbao for Android: Google Play Official site & White paper: support email: 2198 ico official channels

ProChain Global Community

ProChain - Chinese First Precision Advertising BlockChain 2197 ico official channels

Pre-ICO only

Pre-ICO and Pre-sale crypto projects. fill this form if you want to report about your project. Work by Bounty!

Do you want to invest in private project or connect with us? Start bot and write: @onlypreico_bot
2193 official channels

Crypto Gamers Community

Visit our website to find all the latest blockchain gaming news!
2187 community channels

OST | Open Simple Token (Official)

OST Platform enables businesses to easily integrate Brand Tokens into their apps to increase engagement. No in-house blockchain development required.

Learn more at
Connect with us on Twitter:
2187 ico ethereum official channels


2186 ico official channels

Eidoo Official Communications Channel

Here you find all the official statements about 2183 ico official channels


Website -
Forum -
Discord -
Twitter -
Reddit -
Blog -
2180 ico official channels

BnkToTheFuture Community is an online investment platform for investing in Bitcoin and Blockchain companies. Previous deals include BitFinex, BitStamp, Kraken, ShapeShift. 2178 ico official channels


Hicky leverages blockchain technology to make dating and social interactions more secure, effective and fun ❣️

2170 currency channels

VIBEHub Telegram

The VIBE ecosystem is built for users and developers to bridge the gap between communities for gaming & entertainment on blockchain. 2168 ico

[WGR] Wagerr - Main Channel - decentralized sports betting blockchain. White paper - 2161 ico official channels

Synthetix News

All Synthetix announcements will be posted here! For discussion, come join us on Discord: 2160 ico official channels

CryptoNekoZ Crypto Trading Group

Free Call Channel:

Just a man with a plan and an aerosol can
2157 community channels

Obyte -

Official international Obyte Telegram channel 2144 official channels

Altcoins OGs

This groups is for Altcoin discussion, please visit @Whaleclubbtc for bitcoin discussion.

Listed in @Crypto
2142 community channels

Golem Network Discussion Group | GNT

Semi-official chat moderated by the community and Golem Team.
Golem creates the first global market for idle computer power
2141 currency channels

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