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Last updated Monday July 15, 2019

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MobileGo Community Channel

Information/discussion regarding the MobileGo Crowdfund 2258 ico official channels


REGALCOIN OFFICIAL 2257 ico official channels

bZx & Fulcrum

A financial primitive enabling shorting and lending. Integrated with Kyber and 0x.

Mailing List:
2253 ico

Coingape- Internet Of Money

Latest Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news. Visit for regular cryptocurrency updates. 2247 news


Hoş geldiniz. Altcointurk telegram grubu bilgi alışverişi amacı ile kurulmuştur. Grup kuralları gereğince uygunsuz kelimeler kullanılmaz, her grup kullanıcısı eşittir, üyeler bakiyesini paylaşmaz, yatırım tavsiyesi vermez. -Altcointurk 2246 community channels official channels

Synthetix News

All Synthetix announcements will be posted here! For discussion, come join us on Discord: 2231 ico official channels


ELTCOIN Revolution Starts Here

2230 ico official channels


基于区块链的激励型社区平台 2203 ico official channels

OTC Trading & ICO Pooling(All Tokens)

"Trading Between Two As The Trusted Third"

Do Trade for all tokens (Nep5,Erc20, Qrc20,) with admin escrow only to avoid scams :)
Join Announcement Channel
Founder : @HODL10
Admins: @ankita6
2203 ico ethereum official channels


Burstcoin 2203 ico official channels

🅜MIMAX English Group

What is MiMax? It's simply "Minimum Risk For Maximum Reward".

At Mimaxtrading, we catch every market's movement.
2201 community channels

Ethereum Gold Project ETGP

Decentralize Payment Of Companies 2199 ico official channels

Robin8 PUT - Giving Control of the Profile Back to the User

Visit our website at ( 2196 ico official channels blockchain entertainment platform, creating a new world of gaming! Follow our announcement channel at 2195 ico official channels

UK Crypto Premium🚀🌟 ©️

Crypto - Learn (TA & FA) Technical & Fundamental Analysis along with the Latest News from UK Crypto.

2194 official channels


COBINHOOD's official community for Chinese speakers 2193 exchanges

Pre-ICO only

Pre-ICO and Pre-sale crypto projects. fill this form if you want to report about your project. Work by Bounty!

Do you want to invest in private project or connect with us? Start bot and write: @onlypreico_bot
2193 official channels

Datarius (ENG)

Datarius - the bank of the future, based on the technology of blockchain

Telegram -;
Facebook -;
Twitter -;
White Paper (eng):;
Official website -
2170 ico

[WGR] Wagerr - Main Channel - decentralized sports betting blockchain. White paper - 2161 ico official channels

PayPie Announcements Channel

PayPie Announcements Channel 2160 ico official channels

Noticias diárias sobre Bitcoin e Altcoin 2159 official channels


老司机会所 做爱做的事 2155 other


PayFair is a decentralized Escrow platform and p2p exchange which ensures the paramount security of all cryptocurrency transactions made between two parties. We provide low fees for all transactions in a safe, private and decentralized environment. 2154 ico official channels


Gridcoin - Rewarding BOINC computation on top of Proof of Stake!

Instant-ban: Spam, Scams, Pump groups.

GRC website:
2148 ico official channels

The Wild Crypto™

9500% profit in last 7 months.

Professional Crypto Currency Trading News & Signals.
2130 currency channels news signals / indicator official channels

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