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Last updated Monday April 06, 2020

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 181288 education sponsored

Winding Tree

Official Winding Tree Chat. We will NEVER ask you to send your ETH in this channel or in a private message. If you see a message like that, know it's a scam.

All illegal activity will be reported via to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
2380 ico


Latest development update:
2376 ico official channels

FundRequest Official

Decentralized Marketplace for rewarding Open Source Collaboration 2375 ico official channels - Public Group - Public Group 2374 ico official channels

DASH Knights 2.0


Official Dash Chat @dash_chat
Group Administrator: @Tungfa
2371 currency channels

RipaEx - Crypto Asset Marketplace

Private sale enquiries
- -
2365 exchanges

Blox Product Discussion

Blox Product Discussion 2363 ico official channels

STK token

This is the channel for STK's token sale.
Catch us at
2361 ico ethereum official channels


Secure way to buy, sell and store Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies 2361 ico official channels

Tipper Economy Official Group

Tipper Economy Official Group. For more information please visit 2359 currency channels

AidCoin Community 2353 ico official channels

Lendingblock Community

Lendingblock Community

Official website:

Official telegram announcements:

🐦 @lendingblock
2350 ico official channels

News feed

IPRONTO is a blockchain-based startup incubator platform that provides an ecosystem to transform ideas into profitable businesses.Whitepaper - Website - 2347 currency channels


EthBits -ETBS Official Telegram go to @ETBS_Official GET ALTS AND BTC SIMPLY AND SAFELY 😌 Be Nice 🚫 No Spam 2347 currency channels

Ambrosus News

Ambrosus News 2329 ico official channels

Whale Tracker | Chat🗯 Real-Time BOT


Your sonar in the deep ocean!

Add me to your Group @WhaleTracker_Bot
2308 bots signals / indicator

SpritzCoin (EN) #SPRTZ

SpritzCoin not only a crypto but an ecosystem in the beverage sector | nightlife | $SPRTZ listed on Latoken & Crex24 | 2308 airdrops community channels currency channels ethereum official channels

SwissBorg Announcements

Chat :

Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :
GitHub :
Medium :
2308 currency channels

Aidos Kuneen (ADK) OFFICIAL

- Official Telegram channel of Aidos Kuneen ADK -

Twitter: Aidos_Kuneen
Official exchange:
- only english is allowed here -
2307 ico official channels

Krisma TyphoonICO 🌀

🌎What to expect on this channel:
- Promising projects with potential in cryptospace
- CryptoNews
- ICO research
- Fundamental Analysis

✅Discussion chat

2305 other

Alphacat Global Community

The world's first quantitative investment platform for cryptocurrency. Built with NEO protocol.
2302 ico official channels

Crypto Gifs

CryptoGifs - hardcore gif spamming
Just Gifs, animated stickers, no text

Listed in:
@Crypto > @CryptoCommunities

No porn

Music: @CryptoBeats

Memes: @fivekek

I repeat:
No text messages

Contact in case of problems:
2302 community channels

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2290 airdrops currency channels ico ethereum bots mining official channels


CoinMeet中文群 2288 ico official channels

Olympus Labs

Cryptocurrency financial product protocol powering fintech DApp ecosystem 2288 ico official channels

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