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Last updated Monday October 14, 2019

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 151000 education ad sponsored


More about ASCH:
2301 ico


BlockMesh utilizes Mesh technology to create decentralized, cost-free communication networks. 📱📈

Visit for more updates 📡
2296 ico official channels


CoinMeet中文群 2288 ico official channels

Eidoo Official Communications Channel

Here you find all the official statements about 2286 ico official channels

XTRABYTES™ (managing by bikerleszno)

XTRABYTES™ 2281 ico official channels

Mattereum Chat

Discussion of Mattereum - Before participating - please read the pinned message. No advertising and offerings of services. 2264 ico


Hoş geldiniz. Altcointurk telegram grubu bilgi alışverişi amacı ile kurulmuştur. Grup kuralları gereğince uygunsuz kelimeler kullanılmaz, her grup kullanıcısı eşittir, üyeler bakiyesini paylaşmaz, yatırım tavsiyesi vermez. -Altcointurk 2263 community channels official channels

Super Game Chain Chinese Community

2258 ico official channels

Crypto Gamers Community

Visit our website to find all the latest blockchain gaming news!
2253 community channels

Coins High/Low Pulse [Top25] -

Monitoring high/low price for Top25 cryptocurrencies by CoinMarketCap, only USD and USDT trades from Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Poloniex.

Top25 ➡️ @coins_highlow_pulse_top
Top150 ➡️ @coins_highlow_pulse

Requests and discussion @coinalertme_en
2252 official channels


The Official Utrum Channel

Utrum is a Platform that rewards members for Crypto Reviews, Analysis and Market Predictions with $OOT tokens.
2243 ico official channels

empowr official

empowr's infrastructure upgrade is now complete. Thank you everyone for your patience during the down time! If you see any issues, please report them here: 2243 ico official channels

LoMoStar & LMC

LoMoStar and LMC Official telegram group 2224 ico official channels

Golem Network | GNT

Semi-official chat moderated by the community and Golem Team.
Golem creates the first global market for idle computer power
2210 currency channels

Hardware Market

Search #rules

Buy/Sell crypto mining hardware here. All sales are private, and no liability to the admins or group.

@MinersPeak - crypto & mining discussion

@bitmaincoupons - for pure coupon buying and selling.

@escrowmycrypto - Trusted crypto escrow
2206 community channels other mining official channels

KenCoin (KEN)

Kencoin is world's first currency, targeting the adult entertainment sector and which was created to serve as the standard currency for anonymous, safe transactions in all sex and dating-related purchases on Internet.
2205 community channels currency channels ico ethereum

🅜MIMAX English Group

What is MiMax? It's simply "Minimum Risk For Maximum Reward".

At Mimaxtrading, we catch every market's movement.
2201 community channels

Bdaq is the world’s first platform for trading tokens even before they get on exchanges. 2195 ico

Pre-ICO only

Pre-ICO and Pre-sale crypto projects. fill this form if you want to report about your project. Work by Bounty!

Do you want to invest in private project or connect with us? Start bot and write: @onlypreico_bot
2193 official channels

Airdrop и bounty от Гены | Все о криптовалюте

Контакты администратора:

Telegram: @pubgshop1

Стоимость размещения поста 5$ (2 часа в топе и 48 ленте), 7$ - (2 часа в топе и без удаления)
2190 airdrops


Airdrop.Buzz - Legit Crypto Airdrops & Bounty Tasks!

Contact for advertising: or

2184 airdrops


WINGS official: Price Discovery for Ethereum Crowdsales
Mainnet:, Testnet:
2182 ico official channels

Shitpool Feed

2182 official channels

ARK - All-in-One Blockchain Solutions

Official thread:

Join us in @Crypto for more telegram groups.
2180 ico official channels


SMP (Social Media Pay) is a token that uses the blockchain technology to make adverts easier on social media platforms. This is an important gap that has never been filled by any Crypto based project. 2172 ico ethereum

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