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Last updated Friday July 03, 2020

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 181288 education sponsored

AAC English

AAC English Telegram: @AcuteAngleCloud
Weibo ID:@锐角云
Wechat ID:锐角云
2391 ico official channels

EnergiToken (Expired - Please move to new group)

Rewarding Energy Efficient Behaviour and Creating A P2P Platform

Website -

Twitter -

Medium -

Reddit -
2389 official channels






TG stickers:
2374 ico ethereum official channels

CryptoGalaxy Official

First Virtual Universe Blockchain Based Game 2373 games

SpritzCoin (EN) #SPRTZ

SpritzCoin not only a crypto but an ecosystem in the beverage sector | nightlife | $SPRTZ listed on Latoken & Crex24 | 2365 airdrops community channels currency channels ethereum official channels

TokenStars | English

[Chat] The first talent management platform on the blockchain

News: @TokenStars
2364 ico ethereum official channels


Decentralised global wireless internet provider 2363 ico official channels

Tipper Economy Official Group

Tipper Economy Official Group. For more information please visit 2359 currency channels


incoming trading signal join fast
limited time
under expert's 100% genuine signal depends upon study and technical analysis
monthly charge only 0.005 btc monthly
100 limited seat
2358 community channels

Linkeye EN

Linkeye Global Chat (English Only)





Chinese TG :
2348 ico official channels


Website 2346 currency channels


Sharder (SS) is the distributed storage network developed by Sharder Foundation, which was established in Singapore.
Announcement Channel:
2344 ico official channels

ClearCoin (XCLR) 2343 ico official channels

Blox Product Discussion

Blox Product Discussion 2342 ico official channels


ugChain官方中文交流 2331 ico official channels

Alphacat Global Community

The world's first quantitative investment platform for cryptocurrency. Built with NEO protocol.
2322 ico official channels

Melon Protocol 2322 ico official channels

Synthetix News

All Synthetix announcements will be posted here! For discussion, come join us on Discord: 2317 ico official channels

Digitize Community

Welcome to the official Digitize Community!
Our Presale is Live!

Telegram ANN:
2314 currency channels

Krisma TyphoonICO 🌀

🌎What to expect on this channel:
- Promising projects with potential in cryptospace
- CryptoNews
- ICO research
- Fundamental Analysis

✅Discussion chat

2305 other


Horizen 2304 ico

BitCoinReal (ddAIC)

Bitcoin Real - A decentralized distributed Artificial Intelligence Chain
2303 community channels currency channels exchanges ico mining official channels

FLASH Official

FLASH is a cryptocurrency for worldwide commerce with a settlement time of around 5 seconds. Use the FLASH mobile wallet as easily as cash or credit card. 2295 currency channels

Sports Betting

Sportsbook Offers @sportsbooks
Rules @sportsbetrules
2292 official channels


CoinMeet中文群 2288 ico official channels

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