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Last updated Sunday December 16, 2018

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Group Name Description Members Tags Link

Worldwide Platform for offerings of low-risk future-proof security tokens backed by assets. 2892 ico official channels

Nexus Community

Nexus Discussions 2881 ico

U Network Official

The Ultimate Decentralized Content Valuation & Publishing Platform
2869 ico official channels

BITSYNC Token Sale

Our Social Media / Information:




2862 ico ethereum official channels


Welcome to ZCash (slack)

Listed in:
@Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies
2860 ico official channels

Bitsten Exchange - Bitcoin & Digital Asset Exchange 2835 ico official channels

FREE Winning Crypto Trading Signals!

🏆FREE Daily Binance /Bittrex Signals

👍 24 hr Support to Our Paid VIP

Buy the fear Sell the Greed💰

🔎 View VIP Results:

Promotions Contact @WCCowner

2833 news education signals / indicator official channels

Particl Project [PART] - Particl is an open source, decentralized privacy platform.

Find all other available Telegram Channels here:
2832 ico

Cryptopia Signals

Coin signals for Cryptopia ONLY
📈 100-300% rises
📣 0% Prepump ©
💻 Cryptopia
2821 exchanges signals / indicator official channels

BLOCKv Community 2820 ico official channels

Crypto Samurai

I am the first to tell you news about Cryptocurrencies. All news are published here within a minute after leaving official sources.

To contact me: @qSamurai

BTC: 1Ne7LS1LJNhCB6XjtBinLt9m7Duy8B5dgk
ETH: 0x86ee8461d733a0f45b0860485496268d75719cba
2819 community channels

Fidelium Community

Fidelium Community 2808 ico official channels

DAO.Casino - Community [ENG]

🎲 DAO.Casino is a blockchain gambling protocol for all the industry participants: casino operators, game developers, affiliates and players 2806 ico official channels

BitEye Official Community

BitEye—A Decentralized Autonomous Exchange.
Featuring Transparent, Safe ,Fast and Anonoymous.透明、安全、高速、匿名。
2799 community channels

AIVIA - Official Group (ENG)

2790 community channels


ICOs and Crypto discussion 2790 community channels


Official Telegram group of

Please read our pinned message upon joining - thank you for your support!
2785 currency channels


CanYaCoin Announcements 2784 ico official channels


CLOAK - Private, Secure, Untraceable & Decentralized Digital Currency - - 2775 ico official channels


The Official Peerplays Blockchain Telegram Group

Premier DAPP Running on Peerplays:

The Official Peerplays WItness Group


Peerplays Help


Peerplays FUD

2772 ico official channels

MyBit (Official)

MyBit enables the rapid building, testing and deployment of wealth management applications on the Ethereum blockchain. 2763 ico official channels

Rig4hodlers Campaigns support

Different campaigns managed by rig4hodlers 2762 community channels

Segwit2X [B2X] - EN chat

2744 ico official channels

BnkToTheFuture Community is an online investment platform for investing in Bitcoin and Blockchain companies. Previous deals include BitFinex, BitStamp, Kraken, ShapeShift. 2737 ico official channels

BRIACOIN ENGLISH english public group 2728 ico official channels

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