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Last updated Monday April 06, 2020

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 181288 education sponsored

Sentinel Chain

Sentinel Chain is the end to end blockchain infrastructure for the world’s unbanked communities (created by Infocorp Technologies)d 2595 ico official channels

Crypto Secret News

All confidential coin info directly in your reach
Thanks for being with us
For ico promotion/paid advertisement
Contact @cryptosecretnewsadmin
2591 news

Nexus Community

Nexus Discussions 2590 official channels

Decred: Secure. Adaptable. Sustainable.

News: |

Code: |

Listed In: @Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies

To appeal bans visit @resolutions
2583 ico official channels

Digitize Community

Welcome to the official Digitize Community!
Our Presale is Live!

Telegram ANN:
2567 currency channels

Metaverse Blockchain

Welcome to the Official Metaverse Discussion Group
Group Rules:
1. No FUD/Toxicity/Profanity/Discrimination
2. No NSFW content
3. No Refs/Ads
4. No Spam
5. Metaverse talk only
6. No price discussion
7. Moderator-disputes in private
2565 ico official channels

LS " NOT Auxxtchxxx" Community

Censorship-free decentralized transparent community 2563 community channels

CryptoGEMS.™ Official




@Analyser 🤝 @Brownmoose

EnergiToken (Expired - Please move to new group)

Rewarding Energy Efficient Behaviour and Creating A P2P Platform

Website -

Twitter -

Medium -

Reddit -
2562 official channels


Website 2561 currency channels


Daily & Legit Crypto Airdrops all in one place!

TELEGRAM: @cryptocurrencycommander

*Paid Ads & Cross Promo Options Available
2559 airdrops


TrueUSD (TUSD) is the first independently-verified digital asset fully collateralized by US Dollars - and this is our community Telegram! 2556 ico ethereum official channels

FLASH Official

FLASH is a cryptocurrency for worldwide commerce with a settlement time of around 5 seconds. Use the FLASH mobile wallet as easily as cash or credit card. 2552 currency channels

Hardware Market

Search #rules

Buy/Sell crypto mining hardware here. All sales are private, and no liability to the admins or group.

@MinersPeak - crypto & mining discussion

@bitmaincoupons - for pure coupon buying and selling
2550 community channels other mining official channels

INTChain Official

Discussions on this channel should relate to INT project (product, IoT market, differentiation from competitors, etc.).

If you'd like to discuss INT price or the cryptocurrency market, please join this group: INTChain Investors (@INTchainofficialcandy)
2546 ico official channels

WhaleAgents [Public]

We will teach you how to spot trading opportunities.
Get Premium Access: @Whaleregisterbot
Our Clients Reviews: @Whaleagentreviews
Contact : @Whaleagents

Change 2526 ico official channels


Sether blockchain platform 2521 ico official channels


Official Peerplays Blockchain Group


BookiePro: Decentralized Sports Betting Exchange
Features the play-for-fun token, BitFun!

Interact with Witnesses

Code Repo
2521 ico official channels

BitCoinReal (ddAIC)

Bitcoin Real - A decentralized distributed Artificial Intelligence Chain
2520 community channels currency channels exchanges ico mining official channels


Trading de Bitcoin y Altcoins: Análisis técnico, fundamental, sentimental y de noticias en tiempo real. Scam y/o Spam = Ban.🚩Reglas en @terminoscondiciones y @ArgenpoolBienvenida🚩 Es obligatorio usar avatar 🔗 para Forex ir a @Argenpool_Legacy 2516 official channels


Official Group of FUTURAX

Telegram Channel:
2510 ico official channels

BlitzPredict 2510 ico official channels

C-A Binance FREE

Professional Signals & Analysis - Belgian Team of Technical and Fundamental Analysts.

Info + Subscriptions: @CryptoAddictsButlerBot
Contact : @CryptoAddicts_Support
VIP testimonials
Aidrop channel @ca_airdrop
2507 community channels news bots signals / indicator


Decentralised global wireless internet provider 2507 ico official channels

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