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Last updated Tuesday March 26, 2019

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VIBEHub Telegram

The Worlds 1st VR/AR Crypto-Based Marketplace & Hub 2901 ico

DIMCOIN Official Group

Official DIMCOIN Discussion group - Invest now
2898 ico official channels

Cryptopia Signals

Coin signals for Cryptopia ONLY
📈 100-300% rises
📣 0% Prepump ©
💻 Cryptopia
2898 exchanges signals / indicator official channels

Deed - Official

DEED website

Updates & Announcements

Official DEED admins
2895 ico

OTC Trading & ICO Pooling(All Tokens)

"Trading Between Two As The Trusted Third"

Do Trade for all tokens (Nep5,Erc20, Qrc20,) with admin escrow only to avoid scams :)
Join Announcement Channel
Founder : @HODL10
Admins: @ankita6
2894 ico ethereum official channels



1. No ADS
2. No FUD
3. English only
4. Keep price discussion here:
2864 ico official channels

IQeon Community

IQeon PvP Gaming Platform allows monetizing your intellectual and other in-game achievements.

Announcements: @IQeon

Русскоязычный чат: @IQeon_ICO
2855 ico official channels

This channel is no longer active

The old Funfair channel - no longer supported. 2852 ico official channels

Bitmex Mentor ™| Automated Trading

✅ Bitmex Mentor ™ team is excited to present you it’s wonderful AUTOMATED bot service with remote API BITMEX, an engine with 90% precision.

✅ Our signal is shared with our community since September 2018.
Our values are quality and transparency.
2847 signals / indicator

TBIS Official

TBIS Official 2845 ico official channels

Bitcoin & Altcoin Fundamental and Technical Analysis

We provide free technical and fundamental analysis of various coins to our subscribers on daily basis. Channel administrator: @GoldmanTrade Our chat: 2844 community channels

Ethbits ETBS Official

Welcome to EthBits -ETBS Official Telegram group ! GET ALTS AND BTC SIMPLY AND SAFELY 😌 Be Nice 🚫 No Spam 2838 ico official channels


REGALCOIN OFFICIAL 2825 ico official channels

Cryptocurrency Trading and News - Signal Coin - New PoW Coin

For contact @CryptoReggae

Bot in real time New ANN @CryptoH24

Sugar Exchange Official Channel

Sugar Exchange 2809 ico official channels

Bitsten Exchange - Bitcoin & Digital Asset Exchange 2807 ico official channels

Bitcoin Faucets

Cryptocurrency Channel - Faucets - Cloud Mining - Bots Paying - ICO's 2795 airdrops


Lend.Send.Spend 2794 ico official channels

Bot Rich

Crypto Guide Channel
Admin : @botrich_bot
Est. June 28 2018
2777 currency channels official channels

Nuvus Official Chat (English)

Nuvus Official Chat (English) 2775 ico


dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, favored by shibas worldwide. 2763 currency channels


PIVX= Eco-friendlier, privacy focused, community based & fully decentralized crypto. PIVX MAINBOARD with all links →
Media, links & ads not related to PIVX may be banned and reported with no warning.
2761 ico official channels

BRoyal Community Group

Official BRoyaL Telegram Group
2748 community channels

Crypt Signals

Manager - @Lishats 2733 community channels

Rekt Plebs

We're collecting messages of rekt plebs
Listed in @nopleb
Listed in
Official sticker pack

Supported by @whaleclub, @thecoinfarm, @nopleb

Submit rekt plebs at @rektplebssubmission
2727 community channels

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