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Last updated Wednesday July 18, 2018

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Group Name Description Members Tags Link

菩提 Bodhi

菩提 Bodhi 1746 official ico Accountless Exchange Accountless Exchange with profit sharing and distributed governance. 1744 official ico

SpectreCoin [xspec] - Privacy Defined

Talk about the best privacy coin 1742 official ico

Lampix Project (PIX)

Lampix and PIX 1740 official ico

Hyperledger Listed in: @Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies 1738 currency channels

Darcrus [DAR] and Mercury [MER] Telegram group for all things Darcrus, Mercury, and Sigwo Technologies LLC. 1733 official ico

Kin Tech

Kin Foundation GitHub organization: Kin Rewards Engine RFC: 1727 currency channels

Lisk News

Lisk - a decentralized applications platform & sidechains based on JavaScript! Official website: 1718 official ico

PlexCorps live updates

PlexCorps live updates 1717 official ico

Find Exchange

We are a decentralised comparison platform for international money transfer. Using one-time-only user registration and blockchain technology, we are making it cheaper, faster and safer to send money. 1716 airdrops community channels ico blockchain ethereum

Unofficial group trigx, ammo tokens REMINDER: 1. No FUD/Toxicity 2. Only SFW content 3. No Referrals/Advertising 4. No Spamming/Shilling 5. No Profanity/Discrimination 6. Only English conversations 7. Trig-related coin discussions only 8. Admin can all 1715 currency channels

Digix DAO

Twitter @btsfav @DigixGlobal @tym4t 1709 currency channels

WaykiChain News

1684 official ico

Matryx Community

Matryx Community 1684 official ico

SAFE Network

This is the main Telegram group of the SAFE Network community. @maidsafecoin trading & coin talk channel 1681 official ico 1680 official ico

LATOKEN - news channel

Create your LATOKEN wallet right now: and start trading :)

LATOKEN open chat:

Support: @PavelOskov @Sortia @anton_litvincev
1679 official ico


Neufund is an investment protocol for securities tokenization and issuance - it allows for any type of security or financial product to be issued as a token on Blockchain. We turn equity into tokens. 1679 official ico ICO

Chat group for the Crypto and eSports community dedicated to the ultimate eSports betting cryptocurrency eGold. 🔥 SALE IS NOW LIVE! 🔥 ADDRESS: 0x8F00458479ea850f584ed82881421F9D9EaC6cB1 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 1675 currency channels

iMorpheus - The 10 Year Airdrop

the Official Airdrop group for iMorpheus IM token — 1674 airdrops community channels official cryptocurrency ico blockchain cryptocurrency community


Opus 1666 official ico


Dalecoin: A decentralised way of learning crypto currency trading website: 1666 currency channels


All crypto crowdsales in one place. 1663 official

TOKC - TokyoCoin group

#TokyoCoin talks
Main channel @tokyocoin
Bounty @tokyocoinbounty
1663 official ico

Komodo Trading Group

Trading Subjects about Komodo in this Channel. News & other general Stuff in this Channel: 1662 currency channels

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