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Last updated Sunday June 16, 2019

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BiTTo Exchange Global Chat

Full-featured Synergy - Exchange Platform ICO Signal Trading | P2P Backed Lending | Exchange |Borrowing |Smart Trading | Ecosystem 2719 official channels

ARK - All-in-One Blockchain Solutions

Official thread:

Join us in @Crypto for more telegram groups.
2717 ico official channels

🚀⚡️Notus Network Official⚡️🚀

First Off-Chain Payment Solution On Ethereum Blockchain Based on Smart Contracts Airdrop-Selfdrop-Token Sale Announcement Channel : 2710 ico official channels

LoMoStar & LMC

LoMoStar and LMC Official telegram group 2707 ico official channels


Website -
Forum -
Discord -
Twitter -
Reddit -
Blog -
2704 ico official channels

Phore Blockchain

Website: Phore Announcements Telegram Channel: Discord (Chat & Customer Support): Bitcointalk: Github: 2704 ico official channels

Initial Coin List - ICO Talk ICO filter tool and ICO custom alerts.

FB Group
2695 community channels

BITCOMO CPA AdNetwork on Blockchain🚀

Our ICO has finished! Now our tokens are free tradable on the web!

We're launching our platform in March, feel free to visit

All affiliates and advertisers are welcome! Get more profit with next-get blockchain CPA ad network!
2693 ico

VIBEHub Telegram

The Worlds 1st VR/AR Crypto-Based Marketplace & Hub 2691 ico

KNW token - Official Telegram Chat for - Copyright 2018

Official Telegram Chat for 2689 ico ethereum official channels

Digital World Exchange

Digital World Exchange is the easiest and most trusted place to buy, sell, and manage your digital currency.

Official website:
Discussion group: @official_digitalworldexchange
2682 exchanges

Segwit2X [B2X] - EN chat

Site: Github: twitter: FB: 2680 ico official channels

RCN Chat (Official)

Join the Ripio Credit Network chat. A peer-to-peer global credit network based on cosigned smart contracts. 2675 mining

BITSYNC Token Sale

Our Social Media / Information:




2670 ico ethereum official channels

TBIS Official

TBIS Official 2664 ico official channels

Hcash Official - English

Welcome to the Hcash Official English Telegram

Please visit our other social channels!



2664 ico

Smart Containers Info Group

Welcome to the official info grou for the Smart Containers (SMARC and LOGI).

Disrupting the logistics industry. Running business. Swiss high-tech containers.
2663 currency channels

Mattereum Chat

Discussion of Mattereum - Before participating - please read the pinned message. No advertising and offerings of services. 2657 ico

CashPayz™ Official Chat Group


The world's most popular cryptocurrency exchange for buy, sell, send and receive.

👇Join Now 👇

👇Download now Exchange👇
2656 exchanges

Crypto Mining

Welcome to @Crypto > @CryptoCommunities


Wish to report a user? send a message to @ReportAbuse

@Contribute to help this group.

If you're feeling generous & would like 2 donate, go to @DonateToUs
2654 community channels AG - Discussion - Official - Discussion - Official 2649 ico official channels


🇺🇸 You can have fun with all our content.

🇧🇷 Voce pode se divertir com todo nosso conteúdo.

2620 other


Worldcore official ICO chat

Official Telegram Channel:
2612 ico official channels

AdEx Network /Channel migrating to Discord soon/

AdEx is a trust-minimized protocol for digital advertising aiming at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape. We are now moving the AdEx community chat from Telegram to Discord: 2600 ico official channels

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