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Last updated Monday November 11, 2019

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 151000 education ad sponsored

BITTUBE | Official

BITTUBE | Official 2984 ico official channels

Genaro Network (GNX) | Global Community

@GenaroNetworkEastAsia The Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage. Russian Community @GenaroNetworkOfficial_Rus 2965 ico official channels Official Channel

Alto is a decentralized platform that enables game developers and content creators to easily mint, use and sell interoperable cryptoitems on the blockchain.

This group is for general Alto discussion. Questions are highly encouraged. Be respectful.
2964 ico ethereum official channels


BCDN 2961 ico official channels

Airdrop Guru (English)



IPSX Community

IPSX will be a crucial component for the next layer of the web. Alongside distributed storage and processing tools IPSX will create the distributed network 2957 ico official channels


Freyrchain_Official 2953 ico official channels

Metaverse Blockchain

Welcome to the Official Metaverse Discussion Group
Group Rules:
1. No FUD/Toxicity/Profanity/Discrimination
2. No NSFW content
3. No Refs/Ads
4. No Spam
5. Metaverse talk only
6. No price discussion
7. Moderator-disputes in private
2951 ico official channels

AlphaTradeZone® Group

Exclusive analysis, news, education and signals on Crypto.

Main Channel:
Contact: @AlphaTeamSupport
2936 official channels

Murder Of Crows - Crypto Crow

Crypto Crow Community
No Referal ID Links
No ICO Marketing
No Spam
No Trolling
Be nice, or be gone.
Respect the mods.
2936 airdrops

Decred: Secure. Adaptable. Sustainable.

News: |

Code: |

Listed In: @Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies

To appeal bans visit @resolutions
2932 ico official channels

WhaleCalls Relay

Relays whalecalls okcoin/bitmex/krakenfutures


Whalecalls is @Iamnomad

Relay to Telegram is @swapman
2917 signals / indicator

💫 VRT World 🌏 [eng]

VR blockchain ecosystem for developers, players and business | 2912 currency channels

TheTrex Trading Channel

Technical Analysis of Crypto and Traditional Markets. 2907 official channels

MTL | Metal - Metal Pay

Welcome to the community telegram for Metal Pay (MTL)

Stay informed with real-time updates and the latest news.

Join in the discussion and watch Metal transform the payment industry.
2907 ico official channels


The SoMee mission is to redefine the social media experience by inspiring community, empowering choice, respecting privacy and rewarding all value created through the blockchain.

Visit our new user interface experience at
2906 ico official channels

DeepOnion ENG Official
2882 ico official channels


Welcome to the official AirSwap Telegram!

AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading network powered by Ethereum. Our mission is to empower people through global, frictionless trade.

AirSwap Developers Telegram:
2880 community channels currency channels exchanges news ethereum official channels

SmartCash Chat

SmartCash Community, 2879 official channels


SENSE Community 2875 ico official channels

Winding Tree

Official Winding Tree Chat. We will NEVER ask you to send your ETH in this channel or in a private message. If you see a message like that, know it's a scam.

All illegal activity will be reported via to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
2870 ico

Linkeye EN

Linkeye Global Chat (English Only)





Chinese TG :
2861 ico official channels

Bytom official international

Welcome to the Bytom Official International Telegram Channel. This channel will be used to exchange information related to Bytom. 2842 ico official channels

Props Project

Introducing cryptocurrency to the digital media world. 2834 ico

Fr8 Network

The Official Fr8 Network Telegram Community Group

Official Fr8 Network Annoncement Channel:
Check our site for our white paper!
2825 ico

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