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Last updated Tuesday October 23, 2018

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Polybius | ENG | Official

Polybius Official English chat. Come join the discussion!

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Blog –
News – @polybiusnews_eng
3114 ico official channels

Golem Network | GNT

Semi-official chat moderated by the community and Golem Team. Official: Golem creates the first global market for idle computer power 3112 currency channels


ICOs and Crypto discussion 3103 community channels

Crypto Samurai

I am the first to tell you news about Cryptocurrencies. All news are published here within a minute after leaving official sources.

To contact me: @qSamurai

BTC: 1Ne7LS1LJNhCB6XjtBinLt9m7Duy8B5dgk
ETH: 0x86ee8461d733a0f45b0860485496268d75719cba
3097 community channels


dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, favored by shibas worldwide. 3092 currency channels


HERO - Revolutionizing iGaming
3087 ico official channels


CanYaCoin Announcements 3085 ico official channels

Talo Protocol Official

Talent Optimization Protocol 3083 currency channels

Cryptobar Spanish [NSFW]

Para todo lo relacionado con alts sin límite...aqui como normas, ponzis o scams no deberian estar permitidos, flooding, spam o shilling excesivo tampoco, y por lo demás, simplemente hablar con respeto. Avatar obligatorio, ayuda a distinguir a la gente. 3067 community channels

RChain Coop Official

RChain Coop Official 3066 ico official channels

BLOCKv Community 3064 ico official channels

Peercoin ><

Website -
Forum -
Discord -
Twitter -
Reddit -
Blog -
3059 ico official channels

CryptoZilla (Signals & News) ®

We provide Crypto News and Signals for BitMEX and Binance exchange. Most of the signals are based on Bot Technical Analysis.
Join discussions group here 👉



Please read pinned post once
3043 currency channels

DIMCOIN Official Group

Official DIMCOIN Discussion group - Invest now
3039 ico official channels

Bitcoin Gold Global - English

Official Bitcoin Gold Telegram Group

3036 ico ethereum official channels

HPAY Coin (Official Channel)

Discussion related to HPAY Coin and Hade Pay, a service that consolidates fiat payment applications and allows users to buy tokens and make online payments with a network of digital currencies and payment applications 3036 ico official channels

APO Finance ICO Group

Advanced Parimutuel Options Official ICO Group 3032 ico

Automaton Network

Smart Protocols at Scale 3027 community channels

Blackmoon community

Solution for asset managers to create legally compliant tokenized funds. Website: 3009 ico official channels

TBIS Official

TBIS Official 2998 ico official channels

Bitsten Exchange - Bitcoin & Digital Asset Exchange 2987 ico official channels


Worldcore official ICO chat

Official Telegram Channel:
2977 ico official channels

News Crypto currency. ICO.

Ad - @Weeninr 2958 community channels

Bounty Bench

Bountys, Airdrops, New ICO, Free Crypto Signals 2937 airdrops

CashPayz™ Exchange Official Chat Group


The world's most popular cryptocurrency exchange for buy, sell, send and receive.

👇Join Now 👇

👇Download now Exchange👇
2922 exchanges

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