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Last updated Tuesday July 16, 2019

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Official NavCoin Telegram group

Website —>
3187 ico official channels

Ambrosus News

Ambrosus News 3184 ico official channels

DMarket Team

One Pager:
White Paper:
RU Chat:
EN Chat:
3184 ico official channels


Crypto Trading Coach 3174 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Propy | Official Channel

Propy is building a global estate store with a unified real-time transaction platform on blockchain. 3172 ico official channels

Altcoin Fantasy Official

The official Telegram group for Altcoin Fantasy. All announcements can be found here. 3171 community channels education games tools official channels Official (English) is an open-source p2p gaming platform where anyone with an idea can build a game, a predictive market, or a casino room and share in the revenue.

Announcement channel:

Please read and follow the rules in the pinned post.
3142 ico official channels

Worldwide Platform for offerings of low-risk future-proof security tokens backed by assets.

3134 ico official channels

Altcoins OGs

This groups is for Altcoin discussion, please visit @Whaleclubbtc for bitcoin discussion.

Listed in @Crypto
3128 community channels


Official Telegram group for project SunContract.

Future of Peer to Peer energy trading.
Blockchain enabled open energy market. Join us and use the sun with SunContract!
3122 ico official channels


Welcome to EZToken community !
Email :
Announcement channel :
Website :
Medium :
Support Center :
3115 ico ethereum official channels

Bytom official international

Welcome to the Bytom Official International Telegram Channel. This channel will be used to exchange information related to Bytom. 3103 ico official channels

GET Protocol

Welcome to the GET Protocol Telegram group! 3088 ico official channels


Hicky leverages blockchain technology to make dating and social interactions more secure, effective and fun ❣️

3084 currency channels

Talo Protocol Official

Talent Optimization Protocol 3083 currency channels

Æ Trader 3083 currency channels

Crystal💎Token Community

Crystal Token General Community Chat


Exchanges: (ETH pair) (BTC & ETH pairs)

Also join the News Channel:
3078 ico ethereum official channels

1World Online

Official Telegram chat for the 1World Online ICO.
See our landing page at
3049 ico official channels

Tipper Economy Official Group

Tipper Economy Official Group. For more information please visit 3035 currency channels

APO Finance ICO Group

Advanced Parimutuel Options Official ICO Group 3032 ico


Latest development update:
3029 ico official channels


🇺🇸 You can have fun with all our content.

🇧🇷 Voce pode se divertir com todo nosso conteúdo.

3007 other

Nxt Community

Listed in:
@Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies
3007 ico official channels

MicroMoney Great Supporter Group

MicroMoney Intl. ( is a global fintech company offering financial services for 2 billion unbanked people in emerging markets. 2998 ico official channels



1. No ADS
2. No FUD
3. English only
4. Keep price discussion here:
2996 ico official channels

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