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Last updated Monday July 15, 2019

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Colu Local Network - CHAT

Colu Local Network - CHAT 3414 ico official channels


Welcome to the official AirSwap Telegram!

AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading network powered by Ethereum. Our mission is to empower people through global, frictionless trade.

AirSwap Developers Telegram:
3372 community channels currency channels exchanges news ethereum official channels


COMSA Blockchain Project 3361 ico official channels

CryptoInMinutes - Official

Premium Crypto Analysis, News, Education


Follow us of twitter
3357 currency channels news signals / indicator

Decred DCR

News: |

Code: |

Listed In: @Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies

To appeal bans visit @resolutions
3351 ico official channels


Zinc is a cost-cutting and time-saving hiring platform. With a straightforward integration into any hiring process, Zinc simplifies and accelerates the journey for workers and recruiters within the technology sector. 3348 ico official channels


An open source platform for creation of #3D and #VR compatible web-spaces (websites) and objects, powered by #Blockchain
3345 ico official channels

Dimecoin Official

Official Website
Dimecoin Wallets

Official Twitter

Dimecoin News
3341 ico official channels

High value and high quality cryptocurrency airdrops ✓ Never miss a free coin airdrop again, join us now:

Promotion & Advertising:- @hostingico

If you have questions, please contact us via email:
3337 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels


Top crypto news 📈

We do not Review shitcoins!
You dont miss the next great #ICO with us. 🚀

Contacts: :
3333 ico

Events Calendar

Join us in @Crypto

To list an event for free please use @ListMeBot
3325 community channels

Litecoin Cash (LCC, EN) | OFFICIAL - official site - explorer - discord - Medium
3319 ico official channels

MediBloc Official

You’re here!🤗
Join our official MediBloc chatroom and unveil the true value of your medical records.🚀


Keep the discussion in English
3304 ico official channels

Hatchworks - Play- Community Channel 3298 ico official channels


Share the link to the telegram channel for the World's Most Innovative Consumer-Oriented CryptoCurrency due to it's unique usability 3297 ico official channels


The First Decentralized Threat Intelligence Market 3286 ico official channels


3247 ico official channels

Murder Of Crows - Crypto Crow

Crypto Crow Community
No Referal ID Links
No ICO Marketing
No Spam
No Trolling
Be nice, or be gone.
Respect the mods.
3238 airdrops

Metaverse Blockchain

Welcome to the Official Metaverse Discussion Group
Group Rules:
1. No FUD/Toxicity/Profanity/Discrimination
2. No NSFW content
3. No Refs/Ads
4. No Spam
5. Metaverse talk only
6. No price discussion
7. Moderator-disputes in private
3227 ico official channels


Decentralized cryptocurrency payment provider and token sale.

Minerva (OWL) pre-sale information:
3225 currency channels

Crypto Mart💵💵💵

Crypto Invester Trade Tips - Cryptocurrency

Lets get you guys to 100+ BTC Net Worth

Follow my Trade Signals and increase your BTC value.

Starting: 0.1 BTC
Target: 100 BTC
Duration: 1 year

Contact me for Premium Membership: @Crypto_simba
3219 currency channels exchanges other ethereum mining official channels

ICOIntel | ICO Information | Airdrops


📃 ICO Whitepapers archive: @icowhitepapers

💡 If you have any questions or suggestions, please PM @swappa

💡 Our official media manager: @bruceicointel
3219 official channels

Minexcoin | MinexPay

Obscenities, escalation of panic, advertising and bots are prohibited in the Group. Read extended rules at link 3214 ico official channels

Super Game Chain Chinese Community

3214 ico official channels

The Fabric Token Ecosystem

Empowering the world with easy access to blockchain tech. 3210 ico ethereum official channels

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