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Last updated Tuesday August 21, 2018

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WCSE is a place to be, where experts calls are backedup with sound Technical and Fundamental analysis. We believe in team work, for maximum trading success! 3397 cryptocurrency

Polybius | ENG | Official

Polybius Official English chat. Come join the discussion!

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Blog –
News – @polybiusnews_eng
3367 official ico


Official international group:
Philippines group :
China group :


CanYaCoin Announcements 3362 official ico

LIFE 3359 official ico

Pareto Network Announcements

The announcement channel for Pareto Network. Learn about token sale updates, the mvp/alpha product, and more.

Join for chat

Eric Lamison-White, Ted Lanpher
3349 currency channels

TBIS Official

TBIS Official 3336 official ico

Revain Chat

Revain Chat 3332 official ico

DMarket Team

One Pager:
White Paper:
RU Chat:
EN Chat:
3328 official ico

Eidoo Official Communications Channel

Here you find all the official statements about 3328 official ico

Bitsten Official Channel - CryptoCurrency Digital Market Exchange - Cryptocurrency Coins
3324 official ico


Your words worth more
@CryptoCN > @helloYOYOW
官方公告 @YOYOW_announcements
3323 official ico

Sᴏʟᴀʀ Bᴀɴᴋᴇʀѕ ☀️ (SLB)

3296 ico


Bitron Coins Official group 3294 currency channels

BitEye Official Community

BitEye—A Decentralized Autonomous Exchange.
Featuring Transparent, Safe ,Fast and Anonoymous.透明、安全、高速、匿名。
3292 currency channels exchanges cryptocurrency blockchain ethereum mine cryptocurrency community


This is the official chat of OAX Foundation.

Chinese Chat:
Official Website:

Please be aware of scams.
3269 official ico


A Faster DEX on Plasma Discussion Group
3237 official ico

DIMCOIN Official Group

Official DIMCOIN Discussion group - Invest now
3204 official ico


Welcome to TheCoinFather Family,We are not a pump group,pumps are nasty and has limited gain for limited people. We are here to win,win together,win with signals, tips, news in short-term,mid-term and long-term. Stay on track ;)
@JokerCoin TR
@alp_oz ENG
3200 community channels

Blackmoon community

Solution for asset managers to create legally compliant tokenized funds. Website: 3186 official ico


XTRABYTES™ 3134 official ico


a decentralized escrow platform based on Ethereum 3133 official ico

ShareDrop (

We give over 90% of our tokens back to our users!

Other channels keep them all!

Official Channel of

We're hiring!

Golem Network | GNT

Semi-official chat moderated by the community and Golem Team. Official: Golem creates the first global market for idle computer power 3098 currency channels

WhaleCalls Relay

Relays whalecalls okcoin + bitmex


Whalecalls is @Iamnomad

Relay to Telegram is @swapman
3094 indicator

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