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Last updated Wednesday July 18, 2018

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ugChain官方中文交流 55129 official ico

ONEROOT - Chinese Chat
English Chat
55099 official ico

LockTrip (LOC Token) - Official Group
0% Commission Blockchain Powered Marketplace & Technology, Where Hoteliers And Property Owners Can Rent Their Property Globally, Collect Money And Manage Bookings Without Paying Any Commissions To Middlemen
53362 official ico

Hashgard Official English 52741 community channels currency channels official cryptocurrency ico blockchain cryptocurrency community

EduCoin Official Group 1

EduCoin(EDU) Official Group 1

Official website:
52702 official ico

Gifto Official

Gifto is world's first Virtual Gift Protocol, aimed at enabling content creators worldwide to monetize their content via awesome virtual gifts on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. Gifto is developed by Asia Innovations Group, maker of Uplive 52032 official ico

Cybereits 中文社区

Cybereits 中文社区 51876 official ico

Криптовалюта | ICO 📣

🥇Самый достоверный новостной канал, где собрана свежайшая информация о
✔️Bitcoin, криптовалютах;
✔️Айдропы и многое другое;

🔥Будь в курсе последних событий!

По всем вопросам : @dabugi777
51753 airdrops community channels cryptocurrency ico news blockchain bitcoin ethereum bots mine price cryptocurrency news


Kcash-CN 50420 official ico

Skrumble Network Chat

Skrumble Network is a completely new, innovative blockchain and application that brings the most secure connections for communinication.

Announcement channel:
49947 official ico


WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It enables to finance green energy projects, to invest into and trade green energy. 49185 official ico

ChronoBank is the first global blockchain project making a revolution for the recruitment industry!

Buy tokens:
48973 official ico

Price Chat:
48379 official ico

KuCoin Exchange

For more informations enter #info, #bonus #support
For support cases please contact:
48170 official ico

O.C.C. of eBTC LLC

The Only Official Community Channel of eBTC LLC.

This Channel is monitored by eBTC LLC and is provided for eBTC holders and potential stakeholders as a means of interactively discussing community projects.

More information soon on
47180 official ico

ODYSSEY (OCN) Official Community

ODYSSEY(OCN)Official Community.
Future of Decentralized Sharing Economy.
Foundation of P2P Ecosystem. This group is EXCLUSIVE for all ODYSSEY initial members,early supporters,advisors and contributors
46880 official ico

WanchainANN - Announcements Channel

The Official Announcements Channel.

Please join our official chat as well:
45362 official ico

Bitcoin Bravado™

# 1 crypto community verified by @Crypto Team of crypto investors sharing insights, entries & analysis. 💰Short trades & long holds 📚Trading Education 🗞Breaking News 👇Join the Movement 45084 community channels

Official BRD Support (The Bakery)

Please share our telegram with others 43934 official ico

Polymath Network

The Securities Token Platform Our News Channel where you can see all of our latest updates can be found here: 43595 official ico

IOST Official International Group

Welcome to the IOST community. Please follow our Twitter at: we will keep posting more information there. Stay tuned for the latest updates! 43546 official ico

Horizon Comm ICO Public

Horizon is a wireless telecommunications company based in Bermuda and the Caribbean. We are launching an ICO and heavily use blockchain technology. Website - Facebook - Telegram - Youtube - … Twitter - Instagram - 43303 currency channels

IHT Coin Public Group

For discussion of I-house token (IHT), is the global real estate blockchain platform. We are using blockchain to facilitate the transaction of real estate 42015 official ico

CashBet Coin

The World’s Only Complete, Crypto-Ready iGaming Platform 41257 ico


A protocol for decentralized marketplace economies and learning communities. Built by Experfy in Harvard Innovation Launch Lab. 41022 airdrops community channels currency channels official cryptocurrency ico blockchain

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