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Last updated Tuesday September 25, 2018

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The Internet Computer - A blockchain computer with unlimited capacity, incredible performance and algorithmic governance, shared by the world — Cloud 3.0 55869 currency channels


Decentralized Care Homes Powered by Blockchain 55029 ico

Friendz Official Community

Friendz Official Community 54876 ico official channels

Hub - Human Trust Protocol 54873 currency channels

EchoLink 【EKO】 Official (Eng)

EchoLink 【EKO】 Official (Eng) 54729 ico official channels

KuCoin Exchange

Official English group of KuCoin - a global cryptocurrency exchange.

For discussions and questions only, not technical support!

For links: Type #info

For other language communities:
Type /language to find other languages
54517 ico official channels


Superbloom is a simplified crypto investment and trading platform which uses our utility token, SEED.

53911 exchanges


EventChain Smart Ticketing platform 53867 ico official channels Community

Nexo - The World's First Instant Crypto-backed Loans. Powered by Credissimo - A Leading FinTech Group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years.
53318 ico official channels

Premium Signals Forward

We buy Signals from leading traders, Also ICO Rewiews , Margin Trading, Arbitage Trade, Swing trading. All signals in Private Channel ENG/RUS @ProCryptoNY2 53183 signals / indicator

GoNetwork - Main Telegram Ch

Our Only Official Website is
The token sale has ended
For business inquires please pm @xuncai
52108 ico

ICO HeadStart - English

ICO HeadStart is the first fundraising platform where backers and project creators pay 0% fee without any additional costs. 52103 currency channels


ugChain官方中文交流 52057 ico official channels

Aion Network

Official Chat for Aion Network 51746 ico official channels

IoT Chain (ITC) Official

IoT Chain (ITC) is a lite IoT Operating System based on blockchain, which was designed to solve current security problems of IoT, meet the high degree of concurrent usage scenarios of IoT and realize the interconnection of all things. 51365 ico official channels

Cybereits 中文社区

Cybereits 中文社区 50733 ico official channels


Dock gives people control of their data online and provides interoperability between networks and apps.
Chinese Group:
Korean Group:
49332 ico official channels

BBN Global Fans

BBN Global Fans Public Group 49183 ico official channels

CNN Blockchain Group 2

CNN Blockchain Group 2 48573 ico official channels

ICO Calendar

📆The fullest ICO calendar. Daily updates with list of projects.


Telegram - @tomas_dubois
48246 ico

GVE全球世界村经济生态(Globalvillage ecosystem)

GVE世界村 48216 ico official channels


This is the NKN official group, you can get the latest news about NKN from here. 47782 ico official channels

Gifto Official

The realization of GIFTO 2.0’s vision as a multi-utility blockchain for media, fashion, F&B and entertainment services heralds 2018 as the year of blockchain mass adoption, showing the way for the next generation of blockchain development 46146 ico official channels

ArenaBot Group

bot trading 46004 bots

[CN] HMS Global

[CN] HMS Global 45451 ico official channels

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