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Last updated Monday November 11, 2019

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 151000 education ad sponsored is a social platform for crypto traders. Our platform acts as a dashboard allowing for users to track friends, manage your portfolio, discover new coins. Join the Beta waitlist at 4052 ico official channels

Katalyse (FundYourselfNow)

FYN is now rebranded to "Katalyse" where you can (1) Create (2) List and (3) Launch your ICO for FREE! Visit to get started and hold your ICO! 4037 ico official channels

SKRAPS Official Group

Don't let your spare change go to waste. Invest it in portfolios of cryptocurrencies with Skraps!
Register -
Twitter -
4028 exchanges

Rekt Plebs

We're collecting messages of rekt plebs
Listed in @nopleb
Listed in
Official sticker pack

Supported by @whaleclub, @thecoinfarm, @nopleb

Submit rekt plebs at @rektplebssubmission
4027 community channels

🚀⚡️Notus Network Announcement⚡️🚀

First Off-Chain Payment Solution On Ethereum Blockchain Based on Smart Contracts Airdrop-Selfdrop-Token Sale Chat Group : 3999 currency channels

GoCrypto & Elly wallet by Eligma

Telegram Group for official communication with the community interested in the development of GoCrypto and Elly Wallet. 3996 ico official channels


The official group for the U.CASH ecosystem, the UCASH all inclusive blockchain token, and any other related information #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency 3991 ico official channels

Valorem Foundation, Inc (Official Channel)

We are the niche platform for the 99%

Visit our website

Chat Group - Active Mod

Channel -
3989 currency channels

Cybereits 中文社区

Cybereits 中文社区 3960 ico official channels

EagleX/BENZ International Discussing price, panicking because of price, & spreading fud, will be resulted as permanent banned 🔨 3941 ico official channels

Roller coaster Signals⚡

Hi, I'm the Roller coaster signals ! ⚡
Are you tired of small profits and slow trades? Well I'm here to save the day. 🚀
3930 currency channels

Digitize Community

Welcome to the official Digitize Community!
Our Presale is Live!

Telegram ANN:
3926 currency channels

EnergiToken (Expired - Please move to new group)

Rewarding Energy Efficient Behaviour and Creating A P2P Platform

Website -

Twitter -

Medium -

Reddit -
3925 official channels

Hempcoin THC (Official)

HempCoin was among the first 30 currencies developed in 2014 and is a highly focused digital currency for the Agriculture/Farming Industry and Hemp Industry. 3920 ico official channels

Lamden - Up next, Mainnet!

Official Telegram Group of and the TAU token. 3913 ico official channels


Aston 공식채널
telegram 공지방 :
AstonHQ telegram (Kor):
AstonHQ telegram (Eng):
3885 ico official channels


Official Bitclave group 3882 ico official channels


Welcome to Comex! Premium subscription: @Comex_admin 3873 airdrops news signals / indicator official channels


The official Telegram channel of Changelly, the online platform with 150+ cryptos to swiftly buy and swap.

Contact us:

For partnership:
Korean - @changellykorean
Chinese- @changellychina
3852 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico ethereum mining

RipaEx - Crypto Asset Marketplace

Private sale enquiries
- -
3851 exchanges

Mike Crypto Signals

- Professional & Experienced trader.
- Premium Service.
- Not edited messages.
- Buy range and fixed targets shared.

Twitter - > @Mikeocalah3
Tradingview - > MikeCryptoSignals
Premium Membership, Ico promotion, Cross -> @Mikeocalh4
3846 signals / indicator

Stratis Platform
Stratis FAQ:
Stratis Academy:
Chatroom Rules:

Listed in: @Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies
3842 ico official channels


Blockchain-driven E2E ecosystem, delivering
highest quality crypto-asset related services in one financial platform.
3837 airdrops community channels exchanges ico mining

COSS Wallet - General Discussions

One Universal Wallet for all your Crypto needs 3832 ico official channels

KazuPay General Chit & Chat

Kazucoin - "A decentralized way of life" - A brand to store value 3811 airdrops community channels other mining

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