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Last updated Tuesday July 16, 2019

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The WhaleClub

Top 5 cap crypto ONLY, we trade the pulse of whatever is moving
Degen leverage :
500x leverage : WC TG link:
Listed in: @Crypto
23729 community channels

#mcflytoken #flyingcars

Official Community Telegram chat

Be nice and welcome to our community!

23498 community channels

Ankr Community

Ankr is a distributed computing network that leverages idle resources in data centers and edge devices to enable a sharing economy of cloud infrastructure.

23412 community channels currency channels news official channels


New Eco-Friendly and Layered Decentralized Economy:
Three-layer solution
Multi-mining capability
Optimizing the energy consumption
23194 airdrops community channels ico

Dogecoin Tipbot Group

🐶 Thousands of free dogecoin given away daily plus trivia, contests, games, and more. No minimum withdrawals and no investment needed. 🐶
Contact @Cryptohno2 for advertising info
23149 community channels currency channels education games official channels


New Eco-Friendly and Layered Decentralized Economy:
Three-layer solution
Multi-mining capability
Optimizing the energy consumption
21894 airdrops community channels currency channels ico official channels


We evaluate ICO-projects and invest in the best. Own evaluation system and the team of analysts.

Smart Bitcoin - @BitcoinSmarts
Crypto NEO - @CryptoNeoTODAY
Crypt Signals - @CryptSignalToday

Manager - @Lishats
18983 community channels


Interact with traders worldwide on a variety of platforms:
- Teamspeak:
- Web:
- YouTube:
- Twitter:
17865 community channels

Sentivate - by ARITY

Hybrid Web, Blockchain, & Cryptocurrency
17226 airdrops community channels news official channels

OKEx Official Vietnamese Group

Nhóm dành cho các chiến dịch quảng cáo và airdrop OKEx, OKEx sẽ liên tục phát các Token miễn phí trong nhóm quảng cáo này.
OKEx sẽ tiếp tục airdrop tới tất cả cộng đồng OKEx trong thời gian tới.
17084 airdrops community channels exchanges ico

Pharmeum Community

The World’s First Working Blockchain and AI Platform for Borderless Healthcare. Powered by #PHRM tokens.

Website -
Whitepaper -
Explainer Video -
16352 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum official channels

Binance Signals ®

No1 Free Crypto Signals For Binance & Bitmex.

For more information about our pumps/bot contact us @Paul_odd @SteveAnderson
14219 community channels currency channels exchanges other news education signals / indicator official channels


Public Chat:
Admin: @EXCAVO
13569 community channels

Host.Games (Official)

Host.Games is a global online gaming platform that deploys HIP (Host Incentive Protocol) which empowers its users to host games with a click of a button anywhere in the world. The platform leverages blockchain to ensure absolute transparency between the operators (Host) and players and simplifies all monitory transactions through smart contracts. 12832 community channels currency channels games

Synapse AI - DEACTIVATED - use twitter

This telegram group has been deactivated. Please follow us on twitter for the latest news. 12621 community channels other ico

The Coin Farm

Cryptocurrency TA *Traders* — not Bitcoin maximalists, fundamentalists, or serial bagholders.

Join @Crypto chat if youre looking for specific groups.
12349 community channels

Smart Bitcoin

Independent media about the blockchain industry.
A comprehensive overview of the news, author's materials. Openly, honestly and on examples about crypto-invoicing.

Crypto NEO - @CryptoNeoTODAY

Manager - @Lishats
11487 community channels

⛪️ Margin Token House ⛪️ Great Airdrop ⛪️ Bounty Campaigns ⛪️ Pre-ICO Special Bonus ⛪️

♻️ Margin Token House ♻️ Homeland of cryptocurency traders and investors ♻️

🌐 Website:

🗣 Official channel: @margintokennews

💎 Airdrop:

✉️ Contact us: @Pioneer8816
11318 airdrops community channels currency channels ico news signals / indicator official channels


Official Potentiam Talk Group 11216 community channels currency channels ico official channels

News Crypto currency. ICO.

Ad - @Weeninr 10168 community channels


We are constructing a system to replicate real-life trust in the digital world based on all the reliable qualities of blockchain. 10091 community channels ico

PundiX Classic Community

The Payment Solution - Making cryptocurrency available on anywhere. Pay anyone, anytime, for free.
10034 community channels ico ethereum



🔝VIP membership: @infocryptobr

📈 Trial: @infocryptosignalsbot

🎖Results: @resultsinfocrypto

🦋 Twitter:
9793 community channels signals / indicator






🔥广告与合作 - @ICOTOP_Cooperation🤙
9097 community channels

🙋🏻‍♂️ I’ᴍ Cʀʏᴘᴛᴏ Hᴇʀᴏ【Ƀ】

🥂5% - 30% Daily Profit.
👨🏻‍💻Our Challenge: Convert your 0.1 BTC to 100 BTC in 365 Days

📍Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Kucoin & Huobi Global

💥Join VIP Paid Service & 💥ICO/IEO Promotion - @ImCryptoHeroAdmin

📍24x7 Admin Support
8670 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

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