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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 181288 education sponsored

Dogecoin Tipbot Group

🐶 Thousands of free dogecoin given away daily plus trivia, contests, games, and more. No minimum withdrawals and no investment needed. 🐶

Join @dogegames for game announcements 🎉

DM @Inuyasha_24 for ad/promo details
12480 community channels currency channels education games official channels

FX/Crypto Trading

This is OFFICIAL CHANNEL of EXPERT TRADERS TEAM who have experience more than 8yrs in Stock market and FOREX and 3yrs in CRYPTOCURRENCY.


12463 education


Official Blog:
Chinese Telegram:
12437 ico official channels

London Shark Trader | DeFi | Bitcoin

My deals on the Crypto market. Trading, investment.

Contacts: @BradyF


Aeron - blockchain solutions for aviation safety (
CryptoBonusMiles - a universal bonus miles platform (

12290 ico official channels


APP download link:

Binance invested TokenClub:

12284 ico ethereum official channels


Official Solve.Care Telegram Group

Solve.Care utilizes blockchain technology to decentralize healthcare administration and payments.
12228 official channels

Phoenix Global

The Official Community Channel for Phoenix Global (PHB)




12202 ico official channels

Polymath Network

The Securities Token Platform

Our News Channel where you can see all of our latest updates can be found here:
12075 ico official channels

Binance Polish

Oficjalny czat Binance dla społeczności w Polsce. Nie świadczymy tutaj supportu. Jeśli masz problem techniczny, bądź inny, skontaktuj się z:

12065 community channels


Discussion of Holochain and Holo's technology and ecosytem.

Official Announcement Channels:,
For in-depth conversations:
11993 ico official channels

Binance Crypto Signal Crazy™

Binance Signal by @cryptohoyden
✅ Signal @ low level for max profit
✅ High accuracy (~100%)
✅ Signal before pump
✅ Whales accumulation tracking
✅ Pump Tracking
✅ Short Term and Quick Profit Signals Only
11959 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico ethereum signals / indicator official channels

Mega Signals

Welcome to Mega Signals, a brand new and unique signal Channel. All our signals are supported by our whales and professional T.A which means profits and targets are guaranteed! 11930 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

🪂 Airdrop Insta💰

Airdrop Promotion & Advertising

🦾 Build bots with complete referral system + spreadsheet
🔰 Promotion and advertising
♻️ 100% Genuine Airdrops, Tested & Filtered
🔔 Join with us on Twitter -

☎️ Contact: @frederic_andrew
11925 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges ico ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator official channels

Best Crypto Traders Official

👉 Crypto Price Analyses, Which Are Worth Checking Out

😎 Do you trade on Binance?

Click the link below, register, and receive 20% of a commission back:

Advertising: @ad_teleg
11822 signals / indicator

Crypto Compare™

11809 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

Bancor Protocol

Bancor is an on-chain liquidity protocol that enables automated, decentralized exchange on Ethereum and across blockchains.
11726 ico official channels

Trading King Tips DELTA Edition

ByBit Edition
Trade Bots And Education
Admin: @jasonbuzz

⛔️ No Bots allowed!!!
11695 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum bots education games tools signals / indicator mining official channels

The Cryptomath

Actualité des cryptomonnaies en temps réel.
Pour ne rien manquer sur le bitcoin et les altcoins
11661 community channels

Cryptocurrency Signals

Time Of Trade
All signals are futures
Support: @TOT_Support
Signal Channel: @TimeOfTrade_Futures
Advertising: @TOT_Advertising
Before depositing the amount, coordinate with the above ID for advertisements
11530 currency channels 👑

Worldwide Asset eXchange™

WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade physical and virtual items - to anyone, anywhere in the world.

11443 ico official channels

Measurable Data Token (MDT)

🚩Welcome to MDT!


Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized data exchange economy that empowers users to monetize and control their own data.
CN @MeasurableDataToken
🇹🇷 @MDTurkish
📢 @TheMDTchannel
11346 ico ethereum official channels

Waves Tech: DeFi, staking, dApps

Waves Tech is a blockchain-agnostic ecosystem for inter-chain DeFi, the embodiment of tech freedom for blockchain-based finance.

11245 currency channels

Trading Experts


- High accuracy signals based on TA&FA
- Providers in Trading Education/ Mentorship
- Coin Pumpers 🚀

❎for Premium channel
contact : @Jack_TE
11244 community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum signals / indicator official channels

Beam Community

Confidential, fast, easy to use
Leading the way to confidential DeFi News channel: @BeamNews
11147 official channels

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