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Last updated Friday January 22, 2021

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Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a free to play crypto trading game. Weekly sponsor prizes of $500 USD or more. Test your trading skill in this simulation game. Join today. 181288 education sponsored

ICO Drops - ICO News & Alerts

Simple and beautiful ICO Calendar with independent ratings & analytics. With us it's impossible to miss the next great #ICO. 🚀

Contacts: @Andith

CryptoCred's Channel

Technical analysis tips and Bitcoin charts. 17964 signals / indicator

Storiqa Community EN [1]

Official moderated English chat of
2nd EN chat:

Our Support will NEVER ask you to make any payments.
17781 ico official channels

Aion Official

Official Chat for Aion Network 17757 ico official channels


Welcome to the Official Channel of WCSE Research & Analysis.

Talk Zone: @wcsetalks

Channels: @wcsefxchannel @wcserussia @wcsearab

Feedback— @wcsefeedback
Results— @wcseresult

VIP Services: - @weslad & @rianmayhs
17563 other


Decentralized innovations made easy, fast and scalable.

General TrustNote(TTT) discussion, announcement and support.

Questions encouraged. Be respectful. No Spam, No Bots, No Altcoin/ICO discussion or permanent BAN.

17506 ico official channels


The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications for enterprises.
General EOS discussion and support. Questions encouraged.

🛑NO Spam
🛑NO Toxicity
🛑NO Advertising
🛑No Trolls

Violators will be warned, restricted, then banned.
16993 ico official channels

Crypto World Coach™

Coin signals for Binance Exchange
📈 High End Profits
📣 Daily tips
💻 Binance
#DYOR Always ‼️
For enquiries
contact @cryptoworldcoachadmin
16845 signals / indicator


Aeron - blockchain solutions for aviation safety (
CryptoBonusMiles - a universal bonus miles platform (

16803 ico official channels

Waves Tech

Waves Tech is a powerful blockchain-agnostic ecosystem focused on inter-chain DeFi, the embodiment of technological freedom for blockchain-based finance.

16660 ico official channels

Binance Trollbox

Just a Crypto TrollBox🎉

For Promo
Contact : @AskMeForPromo
16659 community channels International (English)

Welcome! This is the international community of, the gateway to your cryptocurrency.

Sign up and get 90 USDT & 5500 USDTest 👉

⚠️ admins will never PM you first⚠️
⚠️No promotion please⚠️
16621 official channels

BitTorrent BTT

BitTorrent (BTT) allows content creators to connect with their audience, earn and spend digital currency without a middleman. By connecting the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network to the TRON blockchain, we offer a new experience to over 100M users. 16418 official channels


Here are published the most profitable signals from the crypto market

Manager - @Fesions
16406 currency channels

Margin Whales®

For VIP contact - @marginwhalesbot
Admin @whistler7

Margin Whales Journey Started in 2018

Binance/binance futures -

©2020 - Margin Whales®

We Are Family.
16378 currency channels

Margin Whales®

For VIP contact - @marginwhalesbot
Admin @whistler7

Margin Whales Journey Started in 2018

Binance/binance futures -

©2020 - Margin Whales®

We Are Family.
16373 currency channels signals / indicator

CREDITS Blockchain Platform

CREDITS is the fastest and most scalable decentralized blockchain platform for development of smart contracts and dApps

16179 ico official channels

Celer Network - English

Official Celer Network Community Channel

Celer Network - Bringing Internet Scale to Every Blockchain

Join our announcements channel - @celernetworkann

Official Chinese Channel - @celernetworkcn
16045 official channels


Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members trough it’s platform. 15972

Bitral.Uk Limited

BITRAL is a crypto-currency lending and trading company incorporated in the UK. Our team consists of professionals at all levels of the blockchain, included experienced blockchain experts,data analyst,senior actuaries. BITRAL registration number:12367016 15931 ico

Insolar Announcements

Insolar is building an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between companies and new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust

15887 official channels

Best Crypto Traders Official

- High quality signals in Binance
- Bitmex signals
- Unmute and pin to top

Contacts: @Andith

Trading Experts


- High accuracy signals based on TA&FA
- Providers in Trading Education/ Mentorship
- Coin Pumpers 🚀

❎for Premium channel
contact : @Jack_TE
15758 community channels currency channels exchanges other news ethereum signals / indicator official channels

Best ICO Kerolos™ 🔎

We Create the best ICO/IEO Reviews!
📎 Airdrops
📎 ICO Pools
📎 ICO/IEO Promotion
📎 Crypto News
📎 Token Sale

All Questions @KerolosAdel
15697 airdrops community channels currency channels exchanges other ico news ethereum education tools signals / indicator official channels

NAi Tech

For The First Time In The World. Block Chain Based Artificial Intelligence and Wisdom of Crowd for The World Financial Markets. 15684 ico

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